Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sometimes You Have To Keep On Drivin'.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. We drove all day yesterday and upon arrival at our new campsite which we booked in advance (and prepaid as well) we were greeted by a scene which would have required BOTH of us shaving our hair into mullets before check in to ensure our safety. I am now completely bewildered by the Good Sam's Club park rating system. I dunno, maybe Good Sam is really into faded turquoise plastic roses "planted" in the front yard by the thousands. Anyway...we drove on into the night and eventually landed at a KOA in New Bern, NC. Also I should mention that lunch yesterday was served by Chef Smitty's at the Myrtle Beach Mall's food court. Grilled "cheese" and fries. Don't ask how or why...just know that is how lunch went down. A sleepless night was then provided by a screaming freight train which apparently screeches relentless circles around the KOA campground all through the wee hours. Cool.

Anyway, we are going to try to shake off all that bad juju today and move on down the line. We will be landing in Surry, VA late this afternoon....and are hoping no unforeseen spirit chapping calamity awaits us there. I am pretty sure the entire region we are about to enter is an internet free zone (they keep the internet discreetly hidden under tea cozies so we think they are still living like early English colonists) so I may disappear for several days.

As soon as we resurface I will post many, many pictures and stories. Until then wish us luck.


StefRobrts said...

I believe all KOAs are required to have freight trains rumbling through all night long. However, they still make for a reliably safe overnight stop in a pinch.

Missy B said...

Would have liked to see a picture of the new mullet haircut. I am slightly disappointed.

Bethany said...

Yah Stef...I do believe you are right about that! Ha!

Missy B....I have already moved on to a crew cut due to the 99% humidity here. Soon I will be wearing wigs made out of abandoned birds nests. Why? I say... Why not? I am always on the cutting edge of hair fashion.

Missy B said...

That would attract birds to land on your head, maybe even lay an egg. excellent conversation starter at future social events.