Sunday, April 22, 2007

Savannah AGAIN!

Billy and I decided to head back down to Savannah to spend a few days walking around and shooting as many photos as we can. We have friends who love Savannah and have family roots here and we wanted to see some their favorite spots. Michelle and I only spent a few hours here and Billy had not seen the city at all yet so it was well worth the trip. It was a beautiful, perfect day for walking the city.

We started the day out with breakfast at The Firefly Cafe which is a really hoppin' spot for peeps to chow it seems. I think we hit them on an off day because the whole experience was two shades shy of train wreck but having been a waitress for many years I know that every place has these sort of days and they should be forgiven. It was a cute place but they did not have their heads screwed on straight for the busy Sunday morning shuffle.

We then headed off to see what we could find to shoot around town... buildings, people etc. We stopped off on River Street (where we scored some free salt water taffy), passed by Paula Deen's The Lady and Sons to check out their menu, stepped inside the enormous St. Johns church and wandered through the Colonial Park Cemetery to read the epitaphs on old tombstones. There was one guy named George who died around 1860 whose headstone boasted he had lived to the ripe old age of 142. Dang George! Way to go man! Apparently George was one in a billion...or he was a really convincing liar. Either way I like him.

My favorite thing about the cities we have visited here in Georgia and South Carolina has been the architecture. You could spend days and take thousands of pictures just wandering the neighborhood streets. The people are colorful and friendly as well. The combined effect is really a treat.

We ended the day by gorging ourselves on green curry and drunken noodles from Saigon on Broughton Street. We are now settled into our kitschy hotel room at The Thunderbird Inn. Yes, we left the Airstream for a night of luxurious hotel living. Tomorrow we will head out to Tybee Island to see what we can see out there and possibly hold down a patch of sand on the beach for awhile.


StefRobrts said...

When we visited the area a few years ago out favorite stop was Fort Pulaski. It was a beautiful drive out to the fort, and it felt like a haunted palce. We do not have civil war sites out here, so perhaps that is why. Anyway, I recommend it.

-Stephanie from the AirForums

birdsongvintage1 said...

Thanks for the suggestion Stephanie! I had someone else tell me the Fort was worth the trip too so we are going to try to make it out there today.

michelle said...

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Anonymous said...
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