Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Moving Day Tomorrow!

We have returned from our trip down to Savannah. On the last day there we had breakfast at Clary's which has been around since 1903 and was made famous by the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. After that we strolled around town a bit more and discovered the best boutique shop on Broughton. It's called The Paris Market and it is fabulous. Billy bought each of us a bottle of fancy smellin' stuff (to ward of the smell of campiness I suppose) and we pined after all the other posh things they had to offer. Things that have absolutely nothing to do with our reality like antique chandeliers and glass test tubes full of exotic spices. It's a cool shop.

On the way back we side tracked out to Edisto Island for a few hours to walk the trails there in the State Park which is beautiful. The drive out to Edisto is just magical. It's the best tunnel of trees effect I have seen yet. There are a lot of quaint old farms and roadside fruit/seafood stands too.

It was an exhausting couple of days and now we are packed up to hit the road to head North tomorrow morning. We will be traveling about 300 miles which is actually kind of far for us to go all at once! We will end up in the Croatan National Forest in North Carolina at day's end. Billy is excited that this spot holds the possibility of seeing actual venus fly trap plants growing naturally. Carnivorous plants and cottonmouth snakes will be right outside our airstream's door. It's the stuff dreams are made of people. I am ready for a change of scenery since we have been here outside Charleston for three weeks. I would recommend Oak Plantation Campground to anyone wanting to stay near Charleston and unable to get into James Island. It's quiet and clean but I will say a lot of the sites are pretty crowded. The folks who run the show are very friendly though and that goes a long way with us.

I have to mention, tonight we are macking on fresh local strawberries from McLeod Farms and they may be in the top 5 strawberry experiences of my life. They also grow peaches which can be mail ordered starting the end of June. Anymore it seems a miracle to find produce (especially strawberries) that actually TASTE like something. These are deeee-lish. Way to go farmer McLeod!

Before signing off we have to boast that we feel a wee bit famous in a really small goofy way today. When I checked my email earlier the new issue of Airstream's official email newsletter was there waiting for me. As I scrolled down through the letter I was suddenly faced with a picture of US! What?! I guess they found us on Flickr and decided our pic was worth slappin' on the newsletter to promote people sharing their personal Airstream photos (via Flickr.) We are honored to say the least.

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Momo said...

Congratulations on your new celebrity status! The folks at Airstream obviously know the score!
Hats off also to farmer McLeod cause the berries look fabulous!

Have a safe journey to venus fly trap land!