Friday, April 13, 2007

Condiments and Round House Kicks.

You know it has been a low key day when I resort to posting these sort of photos. I am mildly justified because we have had an actual request for a condiment line up photo. Somehow I don't feel it is as exciting as one would have hoped.... but it's what we are currently packing in the fridge.

The fridge itself is always kind of a puzzle-esque masterpiece. It's not too bad right now but sometimes stuff is crammed in there in such a way you have to really put on your thinking cap before you try to pull out the cheese slices because you may cause an avalanche of olives, avocado and oranges if you do it wrong.

Wow. You can hardly contain your excitement right? I mean...this is not something you see every day unless you happen to own a refrigerator yourself which I am quite sure none of you do.

Now for something you'll really like. I have spent the better part of the afternoon contemplating THESE . How did I live this long without knowing about these pants? Apparently I'm not the Norris fan I thought I was. If you did have these jeans you could then get yourself one of THESE to wear with them which would probably get you into situations where kicking people in the face may become necessary for self preservation. Because secretly...we all want to kick someone in the face with style and in complete comfort.

So here are two more new paintings from Young William. He's doin' a fine job.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get a "We're all gonna DIE!" type of storm coming through here. Hail, "damaging winds" and rain. I am not feeling so confident about the concept of hail in relationship with the roof of our cozy little tin can here. So everyone please cross your fingers and your toes that we don't get creamed. We will let ya know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Are you guys hostage down there? Who are your takers? I want to speak with them right now. I have never heard of all those ingredients. I am dropping the unicylcle art thing for now. I want to draw you guys a nice bratwurst picture so you will long for Wisconsin. Why don't you guys go get a burger or something? I am now re-naming my art shop "" Sounds like you had fun at the "Mat", my friends meant no harm to you. Does Billy think I'm weird? Are you near any cemeteries? Is there a curfew in the RV parks? How do blind people know when to stop wiping? Things I think about. Please cut short your trip by one year so you won't spend too much time in laundrymats.

Momo said...

All I can think about is Miles in a pair of those Chuck Norris pants.

If you get trapped in the peanut during the creamy storm it looks like you have plenty of condiments to get you thru. Good luck with that.

Michelle said...

I'm really glad someone requested a condiment line up. I like that you have something called tiger sauce and your butter container looks exciting. I really didn't know what the inside of a refrigerator could look like.
Thanks to Miles, I will also now wonder when blind people really do know when to stop wiping...