Saturday, April 28, 2007

Allow me to Introduce you to GREEEEEN.

Seriously people...I never even knew about green until today. Today...I met GREEN. We had that huge storm roll through here last night and it dumped a load of H2O on us. Apparently this was waaay popular with the local flora. We went on a 4 hour walk today and snapped a mere 204 photos of ...well, greenery. Also...if anyone of you is aware of the missing bees situation... we found them. They are all here in Virginia busily working in the fields. Or in this one field in particular is really a more accurate way to put it. There are 9.6 billion bees out back on the farm here....they are keeping low to the ground and sort of zwiggling around in small circular patterns. What does this mean? Can't say. But believe me when I tell you...the bees have been found. I'll see what I can do tomorrow to dispatch them back to their proper territories. I am sure they meant no harm in leaving off regular duties to zwiggle around frantically here in the old corn field.

Maybe it's all the abundant greenery that is freaking those bees out. It certainly had weird effects on me.

I could barely keep control of my vehicle all day you can see.

Billy will be doing a seriously silly amount of paintings from this farm locale. It is one of the prettiest places we have been. Virginia State Parks get a big fat A+ from us for being especially fabulous. I did laundry clean, functional machines... in a state park. Amazing.

Tomorrow I will post Billy's new work. He just finished his first plantation piece today. It's of one of the little white cabins (they rent them out!) here in Chippokes. Until then...let me hook you up with a little red canoe. I am going to see if we can score a trip down the river in one of these over the next few days.

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