Friday, April 27, 2007


No foolin' people... We are getting a mighty big storm out here tonight! I snapped the above shot out over the James River just before it started pouring and lightening over our campsite. This is the biggest storm we have been in since last Summer in Santa Fe. It's fun in the Airstream as long as the wind does not get too strong. Then it gets a wee bit scary! We have had thunder rattling the whole trailer for a few hours on and off now. I hope it lasts through the night.

Here are a few other pics from the plantation area where we are camping...

I fell in love with that field in the shot above. The delicate grasses are almost luminescent. It created this glowing sea of brilliant green. There's a little white cabin tucked at the far end of the field near the woods... what a great spot to live.

Oh! How am I online?? I am in the deep woods of a state park and thanks to Verizon Wireless Internet services we can now jump online anywhere we can get a signal on our cell phones. We have been thinking of signing up for the service for awhile but wanted to make sure we really needed to do it (2 year contracts suck.) So after driving all over the place today looking for a wifi cafe and finding nothing we decided to go ahead and do it. So far so good...I really can't believe it is working here where we are. It's pretty darned cool. And for those curious about it... the speed is great. It's at least three times faster than a land line. I'll let you know how it ends up working over time.

I'll leave you with one more shot of the thunder heads building up late this afternoon over the river.

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bird nest wig wearer said...

I really enjoy the photos of the crazy storm clouds. However, the idea of not having a basement to run to makes me nervous.
Maybe you should practice clicking your heels and saying "there's no place like home."