Thursday, April 05, 2007


We finally made it to Charleston. We have had so much anticipation of arriving here... for a variety of reasons. My best friend is considering moving here and is coming down for a week long visit while we are here so that is the main reason for the interest.

Our camp site is just about 15 minutes from downtown and is pretty decent. It's not as nice (aesthetically) as the last few places we have stayed but it is really close to town so it works. We drove in yesterday even though we were so tired we felt like we really may die. Charleston is a total mind blow. I guess I did not really know what to expect but A. It is WAY bigger than I expected and B. There is A LOT going on in town. The historical buildings/architecture are just fantastic. I am all about any giant old waterfront mansion that's painted pink from head to toe and is surrounded on all sides by enormous oaks and flowering bushes and trees. I will post pics once we get down there in earnest and see more stuff.

So we are settled here for three weeks. After that we have no idea where we are going. Feel free to make suggestions on places North of here on the coast you have been or know about which are good. This would include North Carolina and/or Virginia.

I wanted to mention one really interesting place we visited down by Hunting Island. It was Penn Center and it was a beautiful little town to see. Click the link (Penn Center) to read a bit about the historic info on the place and see some amazing old photos. It really felt like stepping back in time to be there. The buildings and the area are really being well cared for. Billy really wanted to try the nearby Gullah Grub Restaurant but they were not open any of the times we passed by with empty tummies. So it is something to plan a return visit for.

I'll be back to post new pics as soon as I have some to show off. We need to set to work painting too... and I will post new work as it is finished.

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