Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well, Chelle and I drove down to Savannah today as planned. It was an ultra quick visit, sort of a whirlwind actually. If we had not had the gps we would still be wandering around in some neighborhood down there saying "I *think* this looks familiar.... did we go down that road before?" It's easy to get lost in Savannah. Our walking around was hindered by a mack daddy of a blister on my pinkie toe. Actually my innermost will to live was hindered by said pinkie toe blister before it was all over with. I now have 14 bandaids on the festering wound and will be having the whole left foot amputated on Tuesday due to the extensive tissue damage I suffered. Other than that everything was quite nice. We ate lunch at a little Thai place and then explored the various neighborhoods in the comfort of the car and off our feet. Savannah has some rock star action on the most average of it's hood's streets. By "average" I mean middle class, smallish houses from the 50's or so. Example....

Not too shabby eh? There are parks every few blocks featuring the same enormous, mind blowing trees as well. It's tree-licious. Here is another example. This next pic is of a dentist office. The tree is all "Hey baby" and just steps away inside someone is getting a root canal. This has to have some profound effect on the overall vibe of the dental experience. I know I would endure the pain with a bit more grit than normal if I could gaze out the window at that phenomenon.

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