Sunday, April 08, 2007

As Easter-y As I Get.

I set out this morning to take photos. Of Easter-y stuff. I was not sure what that meant exactly... but I was ready and willing to try for a theme of sorts. I suppose I could have taken photos of ladies in silly hats and little girls in poofy dresses leaving church or I could have even gone to the grocery store and photographed pink sugar cookies shaped like eggs. But I did not do that. Instead I found myself at The Magnolia Plantation. I paid the entrance fee of 1 million dollars to see the gardens (it costs 2 million if you want to see the house as well.) There are 51 acres of gardens so I guess it is worth the high price you pay. I took my highly confusing map and set off on foot through the maze of walkways. I took a lot of photos and it seems they are mostly of creepy cherub babies and billowy maiden statues. So there you have my Easter photo theme. It's as Easter-y as I was able to get. I kept a sharp eye out for any rabbits who may be passing through but there were none. They were too busy elsewhere today I guess.

Billy stayed home today to paint. He set up out on the old grounds of the plantation (now a campground) where we are staying. There are a bunch of great big old oaks out there and he is working on a piece involving them.

People (I won't say WHO...but you know who you are) have been pestering me for days about our Easter dinner. I did my best to appease your worries. I made bow tie pasta with asparagus and we also had some fancy pantsy bread made with rosemary. And wine. And we had fresh flowers on the table. And a candle was lit too. Easter Dinner.

Now Billy is laying on the bed occasionally wailing out a weak sounding cry of "Brooownies!" So...that will tell you how the night will wind up. I'm making brownies. Right now.

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