Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It has been a busy week... My friend Michelle is here with us and we have been out prowling around Charleston, going for long drives and tormenting Billy with 80's music. Last night while Billy was trying to watch "America at a Crossroads" we were blasting "Let the Music Play" by Shannon. Poor Billy. As you can see those are two media moments that were never really meant to be mixed, shaken or stirred together for any reason whatsoever.

We discussed the concept of a full blown 80's party in the trailer park here... but decided our true theme would be lost on most of the parties attendees. I just like the idea of Air Supply cranking out over the roofs of $300,000 motor coaches while I stand by as host in a pair of pink leg warmers.

I have not really shot any pictures yet this week. And we have not painted. Tomorrow those two things will change though and I will post results. Happy Wednesday and be glad wherever you are that you don't have sand gnat bites all over your ankles they way I do. In parting let me share with you this excerpt about the dear, beloved creature which has been tormenting us here in SC...

"So why does it hurt like mad when a gnat takes a meal from your arm or, even worse, your scalp? The secret is in the mouth parts. Sand gnats don't just puncture your skin like mosquitoes do. Instead they rip it open using sharp cutting teeth located on the mandible. After inserting two sharp, sword-like blades into the skin as anchors, the sand gnat uses the cutting teeth to rip up the skin and get the blood flowing. As if that weren't enough, the gnat then squirts a chemical into the open wound to inhibit blood clotting. The tiny pool of blood that forms is then sucked up through a straw-like structure called the proboscis. Some human victims have allergic reactions to the chemical and must endure itchy red spots or even swollen welts."

Ok then.


Michelle said...

I love Air Supply

Bethany said...

Yes Michelle...they are known for Making Love Out Of Nothing At All. Literally.