Friday, April 27, 2007

Ahhhhhhhh....That's Better.

So sometimes a bad thing can be a good thing, right? After our mishap in NC we have landed in a really beautiful spot in Virginia that we would have never discovered had it not been for the goofy place we abandoned back down the road a piece. We are right on the James River near a widespread cluster (can a cluster be widespread?) of historic towns in picturesque farmland. The park we are camping in is quiet and so fresh with Spring greenery as to really make you feel like all is right with the world. We have spotted Bald Eagles here among many other birds such as Osprey and vast amounts of vultures. I am not a huge fan of the vulture (who is?) but he's got a dirty job that he does well and so I congratulate him on that. Good job ugly! Keep on bein' creepy and cleanin' up that road kill! Somebodies gotta do it.

Today we visited the town of Smithfield. It's downtown historic district is really cute (small but worth a stop for sure.) We met some really fabulous folks at The Olde World Tea Company who are endeavoring to bring fresh, made from scratch treats to peeps who stop in to their shop for a bite. The serve lite vegetarian fare as well which is not an easy thing to find in Virginia where HAM is KING (peanuts are the runner up...coming in a close second to ham.) They could not have been sweeter to us and even gave me an iced peppermint tea (my favorite) on the house. Thanks! We will head back later this week to have lunch. I was too stuffed on our breakfast from our breakfast at The Surry House to eat anything else today. Now that was some full on old school home cookin'. Their homemade biscuits were mighty tastey.

We had a rainstorm today which kept us from doing much outside but we plan to get out and hike around the area this weekend. I will post new pics later on tonight from the past day or two to give an idea of what this area looks like.

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