Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Good Eats and New Work

Well our rainy day ended up brightening up and was actually pretty nice. I did have a low moment at the laundry mat (my least favorite thing about this way of living so far is the issue of having to use the laundry mat.) But Billy got a lot of work done today while I was being hassled by weirdos and their dirty undies.

We spent the early evening making dinner. We had lots of fresh stuff like heirloom tomatoes, fresh mint, fennel and poblano pepper so we decided to make falafel. Any fresh veggies go great with falafel. We always make our version of cucumber raita to go with this dinner, the recipe is plain yogurt, chopped up fresh cucumber, minced fresh raw garlic, chopped fresh mint and salt and pepper, it's simple. It is a perfect compliment especially if you are going to pour on any kind of hot sauce which we also always do. Otherwise we just use a box mix for the falafel, something like THIS one. We grilled the poblano pepper as well as a red bell pepper and wrapped the fennel bulb with garlic and mushrooms in some foil and threw that on the grill too. I use arugula for the greens because it's flavor does not get lost in the mix. We found a killer hot sauce made here in SC. This company (Gullah Gourmet) is so cute and we have tried a few of their sauces and all of them so far have been fantastic. The one we used to tonight is the Vidalia Onion Peach Hot Sauce. It seems like almost every single product is vidalia onion based... but once you try them you can see why. They are super yummy and their product labeling is brilliant. Oh, and I always warm up some soft flour tortillas to wrap the stuff up in.

If you have a hankerin' for fresh veggies and a creative night in the kitchen bust out with some falafel. It's one of our fave dinners... but the real challenge is perfecting your form in building your tortilla full of stuff. Inevitably Billy always ends up proclaiming that his wrap is too big to pick up.

Here are Billy's latest two paintings... both are scenes from Hunting Island State Park. I am really loving the way he is infusing the whole piece with color...even the sky has subtle pinks and yellows. He is really putting out some atmospheric work and it is fun to see him painting the actual places we are staying.

Both of these pieces will be up on eBay this week.

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Momo said...

Your falafel is my favorite! Now I need to make some!
Debbie and I have decided that you need additional sets of 2 change up your dinner display pictures. Joe has suggested that you paint your plates every now and again. This was the topic on our tour in the car today!
We continue to enjoy any and all food displays. As a group we are all in secret envy of your perfectly arranged plates (except for that pbj thing!) I would like to request a photo "line up" of the current available condiments showing all labels.
I am going on Plum Party and bustin out for 2 more plates.