Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Dumb Stuff

So. There are a few things I have been meaning to share that are utterly random and sort of pointless. I figure I may as well go ahead and lump them all in to one post and just get it over with. The first one is this....

I thought that this lady deserved some exposure and credit for her efforts. She wins the outfit of the day award from me hands down. Or stripes down. Or something.

The next item up for discussion is my keyboard. The very keyboard I type on right now. My laptop is about 4 months old. Let me repeat that FOUR MONTHS old. Not 4 years.... MONTHS. And this is the state of my keyboard...

My letters are turning in to black blob dots. Why? Tell me why Hewlett Packard? It's not like I am greasing my fingers up with a mixture of turpentine and lard before I type. My "E" key is straight up a goner. The reality for me is this... I am not a professional typist. I don't know the keys without looking a bit. So as this progresses I am going to have a harder and harder time saying what I am trying to say without some serious guess work on the old keyboard. I suppose I could just take a Sharpie and scratch on the letter off to the side of the blobs on the keys.... but I really should not have to.... know what I mean? Shame on people for making stuff that costs thousands of dollars and is built for shit. I know I am shouting in to the great void in an utterly pointless way by saying that but still... I say it.

The last topic is Rudy related. Those of you who have pets know the quirky little things that become a part of your everyday life with your dog (or cat or ferret, whatever.) Rudy has three toys that have been favorites for awhile and as I sat gazing at one of them on the foot of our bed the other night it struck me how dumb and funny they are. The first one is no great shakes, it's just a squeaky tennis ball. But to Rudy it is like an intoxicating, addictive habit that he pursues with a maniacal nature. We call it "his precious." The second is "the bunny." The bunny is one of those AKC stuffy toys meant to satiate a canines need to kill and destroy all things cute, fuzzy, small and helpless. In the old days bunny would have lasted all of about 4 minutes before it was ripped to Holy Hell Shreds of Destruction. Nowadays characters like bunny actually make it a few months before they are retired. This bunny was purchased in February and it may be a new record for a small fuzzy in our home. Bunny is seen here with "the precious."

Bunny would be a great candidate for the new surgical procedure of having a face transplant, since his has been sucked and chewed off.

Finally we have Lion. Lion was a gift from friends Dale (human) and Pablo (dog) in Santa Fe. Lion's main role in life is to be humped by Rudy after he eats his supper every night. It's really pretty sad. Lion gets completely ignored at all times except for like ten minutes each evening when Rudy attacks him and really gives it to him good. Lion is missing both of his eyes and has a few serious facial wounds.... other than that he is hangin' tough.

This morning I dropped an almond on the floor and before I could reach down to get it someone had snatched it up. This single, stupid almond became the focus of ridiculous amounts of activity for the next TWO HOURS. Here we see the almond casually tossed in front Rudy's lair... and the look on his face through the screen conveys the message... "Don't touch my almond bitch."

See that? The totally cool posture of the legs hanging casually out the entry... the "go ahead, make my day" look on his face? Nice. Moments later the almond was assaulted on the sofa and eventually devoured.

We are having a totally relaxed day today. Billy made his famous zucchini pancakes for breakfast and is making potato leek soup (remember it is in the 50's here for day time temperature) for dinner later. The soup will include these...

Those are big, fat curly garlic greens from the farmer's market. Aren't they fabulous looking?

Have a great Sunday peeps. Soak up some sun for me out there in the real world that does not live under a constant blanket of fog!


Momo said...

Those green things make me CRAZY!
They would also make lovely hair ornaments for that lady in the exciting outfit.

Kristiano said...

Hey there Bethany!

I have been reading your lovely blog for a few months now. I am a bit embarrassed to have never left a note, so I just wanted to tell you I am really enjoying reading about your adventures, and I always look forward to the new posts.

Thanks for the fun, and keep up the good work!

Bethany said...

Hey Kristiano! Thanks for reading (and leaving a comment!) I love finding out that I have actual human heads out there digesting my random tales! Cheers!