Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Avoiding Scurvy and Toting Poo

Every time I start feeling like I might try to gouge my eyes out with a teaspoon due to lack of sunshine I have to get my shoes on and make it out on to the headlands and dazzle my brains with the flowers. They fix me up. They fill the empty spot in me that wants summer to come so desperately. They say to me "Hey man.... this IS SUMMER. Get right with it or go home and gouge your eyes out with a teaspoon, yo."

I am hoping they last it out for at least another month or so. I need them. I'm like a sailor lost at sea who is comin' down with scurvy. The flowers are my last hope. Once they are gone I am sure to develop a goiter or something. It'll all go down hill fast I am sure of it. It's a good thing I am just finishing up reading Deep Survival. Maybe I will write a novel about a girl who barely survives three horrific months through a summer of endless fog and temperatures that never breach 60 degrees. Or maybe I should just shut the Hell up and appreciate the fact that I get to look at this every day....

Obviously, things could be much, much worse. One of the best things about walking this section of the headlands is the natural soundtrack that goes along with it. There are a few massive rocks just off shore that are absolutely covered with sea birds all the time. They are all cackling and carrying on and the sound sort of resembles a laugh track.... it sounds like a bunch of people cracking up constantly. Here's a shot from quite a way back from the rocks... you can more so see the spectacular amount of bird poop on the sheer face of the rock wall than the birds themselves, but this is where they hang out anyway. All those wee little black dots are birds.

Rudy of course loves to walk out there. There's lots of stuff to sniff and pee on. He can make believe that he is really on a major adventure... and inevitably he poops as far away from a trash bin as possible so that I get to carry a sack of poo with me for the remainder of the walk. Really lovely.

Again... reminding myself.... the flowers, the flowers! Who needs the sun?! By the way... I am fully aware that scurvy is not from lack of sunshine. I just like the feel of slingin' that old timey ailment around right now.

We have visitors from Illinois coming by tomorrow as they pass through on a road trip vacation. Then a few days in a row of work at the Ford House so I may miss a day or two of posting but I will try to get something up before the weekend. Cheers all!

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