Sunday, May 10, 2009


San Francisco from the East Bay Bridge

This is just a quick note to say...WE MADE IT. Today was the day we drove from Mendocino down to Carmel towing our silver peanut shell home. All I have to say is this... Highway 128 can suck an egg. God how I loathe that drive. Anyone out there who even kinda sorta every now and again suffers from a tinge of car sickness.... hear me when I tell you.... DOSE UP on WHATEVER you can find before making that drive. Don't get me wrong, the views! The landscape! It is beyond gorgeous the entire way! But as my physical and mental condition deteriorates over the miles (about 60 miles in total) the scenery takes a back seat as I focus more and more on keeping my shit together. As in... not throwing down with the contents of my stomach on the floorboard of Big Berta. Yo.

So here we are back in the gentle cradling arms of Carmel Valley. I am happy. I am tired. Really tired. Upon arrival as we were getting the trailer set up I discovered that our skylight window cover above the bed had decided to leave it's post somewhere along the drive today. It's just... gone. So we have a permanently open hole in the ceiling above the bed now. Neat! Obviously that is going to require a quick and totally legit fix. Right now there is a garbage bag duct taped over it. It's a very stylish solution to the problem for the time being.

Old puke face Rudy (he of course got explosively car sick today on the drive) realized where we were about 5 miles before we hit the edge of town and started shaking and yelping so uncontrollably that we could barely believe it. We had a lengthy discussion over the concept of either Billy or I loosing our shit publicly that badly and what that may look like. We settled on the idea that it would look very much like the people who win big on "The Price is Right!"

We took Rudy to the beach. His most favorite beach in the whole wide world (so far.) Moments after arriving he was already working over the ladies on the scene... even with barf breath. Very impressive.

I am off to bed now to let my rattled brains settle in my big round head. Here are a few images of the beach as we were leaving near sun down...

We start scouting out painting locales for Billy tomorrow! I will post news of the painting competition as the week gets rolling. For anyone who wants to follow the events on line or who is in the area and can make it to Carmel here is the event schedule... 16th Annual Carmel Plein Air Festival.

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