Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Beach Day and Goodbye to Stanley

This is gonna be a quickie because I am so tired and we have to drive back up to Mendocino tomorrow. So bedtime comes early tonight. By the way... I have been sleeping fine since the paint out ended and my eyelid stopped twitching also. People...my eyelid twitched for two solid weeks leading into this past weekend. Nuff said.

Today marked our last day in Carmel for awhile.... until we can get back down here in the fall. It was cold and foggy but we still went to the beach to enjoy it one more time. Billy indulged Rudy in his crackhead obsession with tennis ball chasing for as long as any of us could stand it. This first pic is my favorite because it is like some kind of bizarre catalog image.... but for what catalog?

Rudy strolled the beach with some hot bitches and sniffed a lot of uhhh... canine junk. Life is good.

We mailed Flat Stanley back to my friends Andrea and Art's kids second grade class today. But not before he and Rudy had a chance to enjoy each others company on the sofa one last time.

And we went to the Pacific Grove farmer's market to stock up on good local produce. We had a huge skillet full of roasted veggies tonight for dinner. There was purple kale, radishes, beets, broccolini, carrots, garlic, onions and cherry tomatoes in the mix. It was good stuff.

Ooohhhh how I dread the drive tomorrow. I wish we could stop off in San Fran for about 5 days. And I also wish I would hurry up and find a big box of money to spend in San Fran for 5 days on things like macarons and a tattoo of Rudy's face on my bicep. Oh well.

The thing you people have to look forward to now is this... Later this week I am pretty sure I have to wear a pioneer woman dress and churn butter and bake biscuits with field trip groups of children. If that does not produce some entertaining results I don't know what will. Stay tuned....

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