Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started

What comes after Cinco de Mayo? Sixo de Billy-o that's what. It's Billy's birthday! So put on your big purple sombrero and wish him a fine day of festivities.

I am a bit premature in posting this... it's actually the night before his birthday still... but I figure by the time most of you read this it will be right on time. I will post again tomorrow to share with you whatever fun things come of the day.

Today was a complex day for me. It was an absolutely gloriously beautiful day... while I was stuck in the laundry mat. And while I was in the grocery store. It was sunny, warm and ethereal. When I emerged from my shopping it was cold, windy and foggy. Ahhhhh, well. At least it was picture perfect through the wind shield on my way to the boatyard to do my laundry. By the way... how can a person ever feel like they are truly getting their clothes clean at a place called "The Boat Yard?" Not a good name for a laundry facility. I always leave feeling like I have picked up a few sea faring parasites along with my fluffy "clean" towels. I can also tell you that I was aggressively stalked in the grocery by a man who looked like Wilford Brimley's ghost. On crack. Every time I rounded a corner he was there... by the cheese, near the flour, lingering around the tortilla chips. He even got in line at the check out right behind me and was touchin' around on my cart (which I wrenched away from him while giving him the hairy eyeball.) Ahhh. By the time I got back home from these errands I was ready for some serious R & R.

We packed up the mutt and drove up the road a piece to the Jug Handle Preserve for a foggy walk on the coast. It was just what I needed to refresh my ability to cope. The California Poppies could make Beezlebub's heart leap with glee. No small accomplishment if you know anything of the Dark Lord.

The thing to do here on the coast is to go stand at the edge and have someone take your picture. Like you are somehow responsible for or truly a part of the scene unfolding around you. You would think that we would be over it by now but we are not. It's a picture that aims to please. Today yielded several such shots of me.... standing at the edge and contributing to the horrible erosion on the coastline by us picture taking nerds.

Speaking of Beezlebub... We took Rudy down to the beach so he could work it out. It's the best place for him to work it out. Nothing else comes close. It's his favorite.

He just plain makes stuff up to be excited about while out there. He runs crazy over nothing in particular. He did get in a few rock solid sea gull chases though. I love it when he gets a chance to do this. I know there is no way in bloody hell he will ever catch the bird... and he runs himself ragged doing it. Plus you can see the pure joy on his grubby little mug as he flies over the sand.

I have to just say in closing about The Jug Handle... it has the whole Magic Forest thing down. Especially on a foggy day like today. It's the best. This is a staircase that leads back up into the woods from the beach...

And you get to slip through tree tunnels such as this one while walking the trails...

All of this magic was drowned in poo when we got back home with one wet, sand filled piss ass dog. I have clean sheets on the bed people. Clean sheets and wet sandy dogs don't mix. What happened next was the worst fight Rudy and I have ever had. I gave him a bath and could NOT get the sand off of him. I was scrubbing him and shimmy shammying him with a towel so hard that he lost it. He really got nasty with me and for a minute I thought he was going to try to get a piece of me. So I flipped. I flipped in such a way that Billy was a little shocked and embarrassed for me I think. It was between Rudy and I. Billy can never understand. He is way too calm and rational. Rudy and I are none of these things. We had to defend our hillbilly dignity. If I could have cracked him upside the head with a bottle of beer I would have. Anyway... everything is fine now. All parties involved have recovered and kissed and made up. And I still have clean sheets to crawl in to tonight so ultimately I win.

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