Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well.... THAT Happened.

Well shucks people. I wish I had a really big exciting tale to weave for ya about the painting competition today but as it turns out it all went a little flat for us in a way. I had high hopes that the paintings would be judged on individual merit (and not solely on the name tag hanging above them) but it would seem that the same people are destined to win each and every year. Billy submitted two awesome pieces and got stiffed. No awards. So that part of the day was pretty deflating and disappointing. HOWEVER..... there were 60 artists in this competition and today was the silent auction which ran from 10 til 6. I would say that close to half of the pieces entered did not even get a single bid. Several of the pieces that received awards did not sell or get any bids. On the other hand Billy sold both pieces and for a pretty darned good price in comparison to the other works that were selling, most for lesser prices. So we are letting the bidders speak for the quality of his submissions and to heck with the stinky old politically influenced judges.

We met some great people... a few folks who already own a piece or two of Billy's work came out to meet us which was super cool. We really appreciate your support! And we are thrilled to have found new the patrons that purchased his two pieces that hung in the auction today. Over all it was a good show and interesting experience. Clearly each artist has to "make his bones" over several years before they are awarded any recognition in the scene here.

We are both pretty tuckered out. It was a looong past couple of days! I will post again tomorrow. For now I am headed for a big ass bowl of coffee ice cream and then bed!

Here is a pic of my favorite of the two pieces Billy painted for the show... this is the one we got up at 4:45 to catch the first light of day on down on Carmel Beach. I think he nailed it... it's really a fabulous painting. Click through on it to see it bigger. Good night y'all. Thanks to anyone who was rooting for Billy this past week. We love ya!


Momo said...

Congratulations Billy on the sale of your two beautiful pieces! I am thrilled that you picked up some new patrons and it's great that you had the chance to meet some fellow artists from that region.
I think that it's lovely that Terry, Sylvia and Ed and some of your clients were able to come out to cheer you on. We are very proud of you AND your wonderful work!
Can't wait till your next competition!

jani said...

hey,it doesn't matter who wins or loses, it's who SELLS their work that counts! HA! Good for you Billy, those contests are all fixed anyway.
& Bethany, your photos are amazing.

Bethany said...

Hi Jani! Thanks for your support. Yeah... we have pretty much landed on the side of the fence that votes the contest judges as a bunch of major weenies.

good golly said...

Hi Bethany, I love reading about your adventures. Hey if you ever get to Napa, stop by Sinsky Vineyards. Herb's niece Maria, and her husband own the thing and I think they also have an airstream trailer. She is a reknown chef and has two cookbooks out in print, one is in William Sonoma called Family Meals. Billy's painting of Carmel is beautiful. If I ever win the lottery, I'm moving to Carmel - love that place!