Friday, May 01, 2009

We've Only Just Beguuunnnnn.....

I find this to be an especially odd photo. First off it makes me look a bit like I am representin' for the official "Liberal Pale Faced Women Truck Drivers of America Who Have a Permanent Milk Moustache and Albino Eyebrows" group. If there were such a group that is. Maybe I should start one up. I could not resist tinkering with it in photoshop to give it an old 70's photo feel... a field full of daisies just takes me back to a vibe kind of like THIS. It's entirely possible that Karen Carpenter has rolled around in the very same field as Rudy and I were in yesterday. I know she would approve. Maybe not of my ugly plaid shirt but just the flowers.

We are still baking our asses off out here. Billy made a New England style wheat bread with molasses and corn meal in it which turned out awesome and last night I had a hankerin' for peanut butter cookies so I whipped up a batch of them with a sort of made up recipe. They are totally vegan with no eggs or dairy and they have olive oil and ginger syrup in them. Sounds weird I know but they turned out great.

So I came home tonight to an email from announcing that I had won their "pet story" contest. I submitted a few photos of Roodles along with a quick story about him and WE WON! It scored us a $50 gift cert to their cool website. It's about time Rudy started contributing around here... any way he can! Winning gift certificate contests is just fine by me. I will of course buy him a shiny new something with the spoils from the win. Maybe THIS? He loves the ocean... and sea creatures. So kicking the Hell out of a big stuffed lobster could be pretty fun.

Ok. I am gonna go see if I can put a serious dent in that plate of cookies. Happy Weekend to ya!


raven. said...

"Liberal Pale Faced Women Truck Drivers of America Who Have a Permanent Milk Moustache and Albino Eyebrows"


I loooove that top photo. The plaid is perfect.

Congrats on the win, lady. Free money is always good.

Empress Jade Vintage said...

Cookies look awesome, please post the recipe :)

Bethany said...

Oki Doki! I will slap that puppy up on here for ya Empress. I'll do it Sunday.

And Raven... I will loan you the shirt if you start the band.