Monday, May 25, 2009

The SUN!

I have to say I was thrilled to death today that the sun came out. The NWS was predicting a high of 53 degrees, clouds and 24 mph winds for today. I am here to say that I am not currently dealing too well with the reality of the weather here in beautiful seaside Mendocino. Had I known it was going to be this cold here in the Summer I may have just laid down and died before arrival. Before I had a chance to get cold and stay cold. So while yesterday was sheer misery... cold and windy and damp... today turned out to be a perfectly acceptable day. Don't get too excited though, I still wore wool socks and a scarf around my neck to go out for our walk this afternoon.

We went to the teeny little blip on the map called Caspar to walk their headlands. I love Caspar because it is so small and it just has such a good, old school feeling to it. To access the headlands trail you walk past this old building that at first glance looks abandoned, but it's not. Today there was a cool old bus parked out front and when we passed the side of the building we could here a band practicing inside. They sounded awesome. No idea who they are but we lingered for a minute in the field beside the building to hear them.

We walked the trails and soaked up the sunshine. There are still quite a few wildflowers blooming here although things are starting to dry up a bit. Mostly you see lupine, (invasive) gorse and scotch broom with a bunch of wild sweet pea crawling all over everything.

The only bummer about walking through this magic kingdom of fabulous beauty is that not only is everything crawling with delicate sweet pea vines... it is probably crawling with ticks too. So now as I sit here writing out this post I imagine my body is host to a million little bums looking to feast on my life blood and give me a bunch of nasty diseases in the process. No matter how many times Billy checks me over like a gorilla in the mist I still feel shit creeping over my skin. I have a serious phobia. And why shouldn't I? Yuck! Die you little bastards! Die!

OK. On to more cheerful topics. After our walk we drove in to Mendo to see if the madness of the holiday weekend had subsided which indeed it had. We took our kid for an ice cream at Frankie's. Rudy loooooves vanilla ice cream. We got him a kiddie scoop in a cup and we had a waffle cone out on the patio and watched the sea gulls cruise by overhead. Dessert first is a great rule of thumb to follow in my book. Now we are home and Billy is making gnocchi from the Bouchon cookbook. This means that I will be laid up in bed with my book groaning about my too full belly inside of an hour. Good times.


Raven said...

Band practice in a cool!

Yo, the weather here has been PERFECT (hint hint)....70-80s every day, and sunny! And the coast here is crazy beautiful with all them huge rocks and shit out in the water. Did you know they filmed Goonies here? Drive straight from Portland to the coast and you will see the Goonies rock...the place where that ship was and shit. I KNOW you want to see that rock. Come on, now.

Good thrift storing at the coast here, too (hint hint), so I've heard, though I have yet to do it.

There's a dog named Edie in my house to keep Rudy entertained, too...I'm tellin' you!

Bethany said...

Girl you are killin' me. I would have the truck gassed up and be on the road headed North (I wonder how many hours it would take from here? Ummmmm....wait.... Holy CRAP. It's a ten hour drive!)but we are sunk in to this cold hole until the end of August. No escape. We committed to a six month stay with state parks. Siiigghhhhhhh. Jesus. The coast is just too big. Ten hours? Can't we just scrunch out that section in the middle? Who needs it? From Redding to Medford... take it out!

It's gotta come to pass sooner or later. Maybe when we finish up here? Tell Edie to hold on...

I thought the Goonie Rock was in my head? Huh.