Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chocolate Waffles, Fog, Flowers, Farmers and Hidden Junk

Yesterday was a fun day. We went for breakfast at a local B & B called Alegria. They invited the docents from the Ford House to come so we could see what their place is like and how fabulous the breakfast is they offer to the folks who stay at their inn. Eric and Elaine are the owners and they welcomed us in to the little breakfast nook which has the most gorgeous view out over their gardens and down to Big River Beach. We were served local Thanksgiving Day Coffee, fresh pressed apple juice (also from local growers) seasonal fruit salad with edible flowers, handmade chocolate waffles and vegetarian breakfast sausage. For non veggies they have a locally made chicken apple sausage. It was mighty good eatin'. After we stuffed ourselves Eric took us on a tour of the rooms that were unoccupied at the moment so we could see what the accommodations are like. My favorite was the Driftwood which is actually a little a-frame cabin. It has a queen bed up in a loft, a full kitchenette which is sunken down below the platform bedroom, a sitting area and the coolest thing was the Japanese soaking tub in the bathroom. Ooohhhhh man it is so freakin' cool! I wanted to shove everyone out the door, lock it and jump in that tub! So anyway... if you are coming to Mendo any time soon and want really a really gorgeous place to stay look up Alegria and tell Eric and Elaine that I sent ya. They will take super good care of you for sure!

After we left Alegria we walked Portuguese Beach off the headlands with Rudy. It was a particularly low tide so we scanned the shoreline looking for beach glass. I wish I had a photo of what I look like while "scanning the shoreline" because what I tend to do is crouch down and sort of crab waddle along. It always results in sore leg muscles the next day. But it is the best method, tried and true. Especially on a foggy day like yesterday. When the sun is shining you can spot beach glass pretty easily but fog makes it tougher to see. This photo is from about 10:30 in the morning and you can see how flippin' dark it is because of the fog!

Don't come to Mendocino if you want to work on your tan. Come if you like your skin lily white, cold and clammy. After Portuguese Beach we walked over to Big River. The walk down the trail to the beach is really pretty. I love the perspective in this shot... is Billy really tiny or are the trees really enormous?

Rudy got impatient waiting for us as we crept the tide line looking for treasures. He planted himself on the sand and just sat there. I think he was pissed that he was not star of the show.

The farmer's market is at noon on Friday in Mendo so we hung out on the beach until it was time to go up and shop. On the way up the trail I nabbed this shot of a flower of which I have no idea what it is. Looks kinda like a poppy... but I am sure it's something entirely different. It's a huge blossom growing on a sort of bush.

The market was already hoppin' when we got up there. It's a small one but there is more and more to choose from every week we get further in to summer.

The Rise Up Farm has a great sign... it's a fist clutching a carrot punching up out of the soil and the sun is a lion on the horizon. The peeps running the stand are super cool. We bought beautiful mixed salad greens laced with edible flowers yesterday. I made my fake chicken salad today and we ate the greens with it topped with sunflower spouts from another local grower.

We bought a bunch of starter plants, mostly herbs and planted them in pots for our deck. I also bought two tomato plants which I have little hope for. If the sun were to ever decide to make an appearance the toms are planted where they would get a good dose of it in our little yard... but seeing as how that happens less and less as we get into summer these little plants may be doomed. Also since they are planted in the ground and not in pots they are subject to DOG. Half and hour after I planted them yesterday I looked up and Ranger (the neighbor dog) was standing on one of them. So yeah... say a little prayer for my tomatoes. They may not last long! If they DO make it one of the varieties I planted is a pineapple tomato which supposedly produces toms that weight up to two pounds a piece! So it's all or nuthin'. I will keep you updated on The Tomato Attempt of 2009.

Today was cleaning day. It was long overdue. I spent all day doing it. Want to see the end result? This is as good as it gets in here.... as organized as we can manage.

If you really take your time in looking around this shot you will discover stupid things like a huge skillet on top of Rudy's house under the table....because that is where we keep it. It's too big to fit in a cupboard. And my Stetson lives on the towel hook because I can't figure out any place else to keep it. If you had x-ray vision and could see in to the cabinets your head would explode. Guaranteed.

Tomorrow I hope to get some work done for my Etsy shop. What are you people up to this weekend out in the world? Anything fun?


walker said...

What a great depiction of the central coast! LOve how you use an iron skillet. I love it there but haven't been in several years. But now I must put it on my next agenda...after replacing Airstream axle and such.

Bethany said...

Hey Walker... nice to see you here. I just added a link to your blog in my Fellow Travelers side bar.

Just read your post on the repairs! Hope all goes well and you guys are back on the road soon. Let us know if you are ever headed this way!

Rich Luhr said...

Life's a bit different here in southern AZ this weekend. We spent yesterday afternoon exploring historic Tubac in 98-degree sunshine, then met friends in Nogales (AZ) for dinner. Quite a bit different from your coastal fog. Fog? What's that?

jani said...

Well, the weather here in NJ is beautiful,75 daily,cool nights, lots of sunshine,for a change.I totally understand the tourist thing though,for 30yrs we lived at the jersey shore,busting with ny'ers...but here in Edison,there's no after crush!It's kinda cool...going to a street fair in Metuchen today,then to the dog park with joey. xxx

Bethany said...

Rich.... really, you are killin' me. Although I can say that 98 is pushin' it a bit for me. The last few times we found ourselves in temps hovering around the 100 degree mark I felt a little to sticky. I would kill for some AZ sunshine though.

Jani...have a great time at the fair! Say WOOF! To Joey from Rudy and update your live journal lady!

jani said...

Hey Bethany, I love the photo of your trailer! It shows how people really live and use them!
We didn't get to the fair, started to rain! But I will update my journal today! woof to rudy too.