Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Barbarians Are Coming!

Not really. Actually... as far as I am concerned they have already been here a long time. And there is no gettin' rid of them. Pesky Barbarians! We shall not linger on talk of them...

Let's talk about food. And being lazy. How does that sound? Two of the greatest American pass times! Can you tell I am in a smarmy, smart assy mood today? Three day holiday weekends in a tourist town will do that to a gal.

Yesterday Billy made some super cool Syrian style flat bread called zhatar (or zaatar.) It is seasoned with dried thyme, sesame seeds and sumac. Billy threw on some goat cheese just because in our house if it ain't got CHEESE it ain't worth eatin'. Yee haw! We do like our cheese. So this bread was devoured along with homemade baba ganoush (made in our NEW CUISANART! FOOD! PROCESSOR!!!) and cucumber salad. People. It was Gooooooood.

For those of you who are all... "What the Hell are you doing eating sumac? I thought it was like...poisonous?" It is... and it isn't. Don't eat the stuff growing in your back yard. But DO see if you can find the ground berries in the spice rack of your local specialty grocer and use it to flavor Greek or Mediterranean dishes. Here is a link with more info on the spice.

What else? We are laying low since it is a serious nut house down in Mendo this weekend. Too. Many. People. And the weather sucks. It's cold, foggy and windy. So I am working my way through Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales. I am loving it. All I really want is to hear more and more "I shouldn't be alive" type stories from people. Get out there and see what you can do for me... see if you can conjure up a near death wilderness incident or two! But be careful. We only want dramatic stories. No real injuries or fatalities will be accepted. It's best to do like I do... and run from imaginary wild animals. Like the time I ran for my life for over a mile through the deep woods of New Hampshire from a braying donkey who I thought was an angry moose on the attack. Yes.

Ok. I think it may be officially "nap time." Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps!

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