Monday, May 11, 2009

Sea Monsters and Their Prey

Let's all take a good long moment to contemplate the photo you see here above. Mostly I would like you to focus on the feet and hands or I could more accurately say "Hooves and Claws." Rudy was right to run away. He detected possible danger. He detected that I was morphing into a possible sea monster. A sea monster that can shoot balls of light from it's forehead....

A creature capable of bending at the waist and generating some sort of solar nuclear blast from it's hind end.

Oh yes. Rudy was in peril. As was Billy. But not really from a raging monster from the deep... more so from me and my keen sense for the absurd in fashion. See Rudy continue to cower in my shadow for fear that my pants may actually do him some permanent damage.

Whew! Yesterday was a humdinger. Billy left the trailer at about 7 a.m. to go out scouting for sites to set up and paint on Thursday and Friday for the competition. Then we spent the remainder of the day walking around town, visiting friends at galleries and peeking through all the shop windows. The beach was our late afternoon treat to relax a bit and let Rudy visit with other dogs. And of course to attempt to tire Rudy out.

The rarely seen Scotty Dog Sandwich Effect

There was some vigorous digging activity.... always an important part of any time spent on the beach. You really have to throw your whole self in to it as you can see....

And finally you know that as a human you have triumphed over dog when you look down and see this.

Anyone who follows this blog, knows Rudy personally or has a two year old terrier can feel the enormity of that photo. DEFLATED. DONE. WE WIN. More that 12 hours later he still looks pretty much as you see him there. He is exhausted. So in about half and hour we are taking him to the beach again. See how this works? Carmel is one big dog park really. They have golf, art, ocean views, millions of flowers blooming and most importantly never ending ways to make your dog happy and tired on a daily basis so that you can live a peaceful life at home. We love you Carmel.


Raven said...

I recently sold some flowered 70s lounge pants that I thought were totally insane....but I gotta say, yours takes the cake.

Bethany said...

I know the pants you mean... black and orange floral right? They were pretty nutty. Somehow grass green, yellow and red do scream CRAZY a little bit louder though huh?

Raven said...

Yep, those are the ones. When I picked them up, I thought they were too cool to sell, so I decided to keep them and wear them around the house until they drove me insane.


jani said...

Hey Bethany, a LiveJournal friend, Lori Rase Hall, from CA posts some wonderful recipes on FB, thought you'd like this site,(Food Stories) and this recipe!