Monday, March 31, 2008

Bathroom Snacks

Well, you may all be interested to know that the end result of this day was this... Billy just caught me standing in the bathroom starring blankly off in to space eating a piece of burnt toast. At like 11 o'clock at night. He walked in and said "What are you doing?" And I laughed until I cried. All the while eating my blackened piece of bread. I can offer no further explanation for why I was eating toast in the bathroom. It's a mystery even to me.

In short.... my Yves Saint Laurent ended today on eBay for a whopping $1425.00. Need I say more? It's obviously my new all time sales record for one day of selling vintage. I feel totally legit man. Too legit to quit in fact. I think I will try to keep it rollin'.

I photographed a bunch of new stuff to list in the shop today. I spent way too many hours in front of the computer. I am officially fried. We did go for a nice walk around town late this afternoon where we caught a mariachi band up from Chihuahua, Mexico playing out on the plaza.

The woman pictured dancing in the photo above was their biggest fan. I even caught her letting fly with what I consider to be sort of an exclusively heavy metal/rocker hand signal... because she was so enthusiastically rooting them on from the sidelines.

Good clean fun. That's what it was. I love the plaza on the weekends. It always delivers.

I have to hit the hay. I will leave you with solid proof that Spring has arrived in Santa Fe. All the trees are in bloom on our street. In another two weeks it should be full blown, with flowers everywhere. I can't wait.


Missy B said...

Congrats on your success with vintage auction!

jani said...

Wow, that is amazing about your YSL jacket! Great work,you're a power seller! :-)