Monday, March 10, 2008


Weeeeeeeellllllll. I guess I made it. Here I am. My body fought and won against the dirty demons that had invaded it. Let's not do that any time soon again though... ok?

What can I say? What do I have to report? I have been getting fully clothed and out of bed for like two days now. I have eaten solid foods. I have seen the light of day. It may not sound like much to you all... but trust me, it was wildly thrilling.

I have been to Cafe Paris with both Michelle and Billy on two separate occasions in the past two days. It's my favorite place to go near our house. This morning when Billy and I went they had a French accordion player as entertainment. He and some woman were singing French songs and people were jumping up at random to do silly dances. This plus a fancy French pastry is pretty much all I am asking for in a day. We need more pastry and silly dancing in our daily lives.

I have also been hard at work listing new stuff in my Etsy vintage clothing shop. If you want to see go to

I have signed on to be the blog administrator for the Etsy Vintage Street team. The blog is HERE and I should start posting in a day or two. The blog features a core group of vintage sellers from Etsy and we will be running promotions and contests and just generally covering the topic of collectible vintage and featuring certain sellers goods and whatnot. It's going to be nuts trying to keep up with all this blogging but I will have a few helpers on the Etsy blog so it should all work out in the end. I hope.

OK. I wish I could say that I had more fun/funny stuff to talk about. But I don't. The reality is that I have one mean mamma jamma of a headache.

I will leave you with my best Tyra Banks "FIERCE" image from my vintage photo shoot today. Well, I am as fierce as a gal can be in this particular dress taking photos of herself in the living room on a Sunday afternoon anyway. It's all in the eyes baby.... it's all in the eyes. Just ask Tyra.

In reality I look more pissed off and militant than fierce.... do you think it will sell the dress? Hmmmmm.


Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

I think many men who want to be subjected will make their wives buy and wear this dress and then order them about and humiliate them. Though this might not seem positive, I believe it taps into a sub-culture and offers big potential for targeted sales.

Bethany said...

I hope you are right. Maybe I am on to something.... I should change the name of my shop to "Smell The Glove" and it would have duel purpose as an ode to Spinal Tap and a suggestive marketing ploy to men who want to be dominated (specifically by women in vintage dresses.)

Anonymous said...

you look fierce

pat said...

I thibnk its a little bit in the lips too.....nice dress also!

Bethany said...

Yes Pat... red lipstick always means business. Especially on a redhead. I think in some states there are actually laws against it.