Friday, March 21, 2008

A Vintage Quickie....

I am on my way out the door for a day of wandering the back roads of Northern New Mexico and doing some hiking with Michelle. I just wanted to throw two things at you... First of all THIS...

"Is that what Marlon Perkins wore when he went out for a hot night of disco dancing?" Is what you MAY be asking yourself. But NO! It is actually a highly collectible piece of vintage Yves Saint Laurent from his early years (1968) creating his ready to wear line called Rive Gauche. I discovered it a few weeks back and I now have it listed on a ten day auction on ebay. So bookmark it and cheer me and Yves on into fashion auction history and record breaking bids on this safari tunic!

The second thing is this... please head over to the other blog I author and check out the cool feature I wrote up on Justine from Ikonic Vintage. Her etsy shop is really sweet and she has some killer vintage goods. She is offering a 20% discount to all blog readers through March 31st. I am loving this bedspread...

Actually I love the bed itself too. She has that spread listed for only $40. Someone go buy it for pete's sake!

OK! I will be back tonight or tomorrow with loads of fabulous and probably ridiculous photos from our adventures today.


jani said...

Hey Bethany,
Love the jacket, safari is Always so chic. Love your Etsy store too.
Just wanted to tell you that I'm opening an Etsy store, with my paintings and some vintage stuff, calling it janiart (really original :-D ),should have some good stuff in it by next week. Also, I gave your blog and your Etsy blog to a cool blog I've been reading for years. Her name is Tricia Royal,her blog is 'bits and bobbins', lots of people read her, she's super cool.
good luck,have a great weekend!

jani said...

wanted to send you the link, forgot!
here it is:

hope rudy is all better!

Bethany said...

Hi Jani! Thanks so much! I just checked out Bits and Bobbins and it is super cute! I have bookmarked it. You are the best for submitting my stuff to her! I love the fashion remix segments.

Let me know when you have your etsy store up and stocked. Can't wait to see it.

Rudy seems to be fine now (as of today actually) but yesterday was awful. He got in to a nest of ants or something and was bit all over his body and itching. Amazing. He can't stop getting in to trouble.

Anonymous said...

Bethany - OMG, that YSL Safari Suit is spectacular! You are going to make a mint and deservedly so. I love it. It's something that could be worn today and still look amazing. Congrats on the great find!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I just *had* to blog about it myself!

jani said...

Hi Bethany,
Yeah, isn't 'bits' great? I hope she used to live in Brooklyn, and I became a fan a few years ago.She's preggy now,how cool.
As for Rudy getting into trouble,well, that's a puppy's job,i think. anyway,he's too cute to get mad at so he knows he safe & loved alot!
will let you know when i have my store going,thanks.
Happy Easter!