Monday, March 24, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Let's cover the "beauty" section of this post first. This is Billy's latest painting. It's a watercolor of Big Sur in California. Can I just take this moment to say that Billy is fabulous? Because he is. Do you people SEE that painting? Yes. I am gloating. But I am allowed that. Especially being that today is officially our anniversary.

We passed the no smells test at Trattoria Nostrani last night. They let us in and fed us. It was a really great dinner. We drank stupidly expensive wine and managed to pretend our way through the she-she-foo-foo affair without offending the elite clientele. The only problem was a woman who was seated near us who kept loudly announcing that she has millions of dollars. She was actually wearing a dress made entirely of blood diamonds I think. She was hideous and am pretty sure that I could smell her stinking vaguely of moth balls... but somehow they did not throw her out.

I took a portrait of us before we headed out for the night... I told Billy to make the most snobby face he could conjure up. I did the same. Here we are at our snobbiest...

Yes... we are both wearing pink. And YES. I am wearing a vest made of sequins. It's too late for an intervention now... as this is all part of our confusing fashion history. You should also know that on my feet were cowboy boots. I take risks.

Now... let's move on to the "BEAST" portion of this post. We have one that lives with us. Sometimes it is most inconvenient. Sometimes a bit of fun can be had with it. Sometimes it throws up under our bed. It has many different ideas about how things should go in this household which are very different than my own very strict opinions on the topic. Allow me to share with you tonight's activity.... dirty, stringy rope fighting and chewing. This activity is annoying and leaves mess all over the house. But the Beast does not care.

Here he is trying to entice me with the delicious possibilities of playing with the dirty chewed up rope.

Here he is caught looking exactly like a gremlin....

And finally... truly enjoying a nice focused chew on the dirty, crappy rope.

I should probably mention that the other day while I was out with Michelle, Billy and Rudy had a celebrity sighting downtown. As they were passing by a store front a couple walked out right in front of them. After doing a double take Billy realized it was Robert Redford. What happened next? Robert Redford and Rudy looked right at each other. Just think about that for a minute. What does it mean? Probably nothing... but perhaps it was a cosmic connection. Maybe Redford is laying awake in bed right now worried and wringing his hands over the missed opportunity of having not gotten Rudy's autograph.


Momo said...

I have made the decision that Rudy is a shapeshifter. There is no telling what goes on around there while you are sleeping. What we see are only small glimpses of what he is capable of.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

ok there are a number of things I want to say. That painting is awesome. Honest.

The photograph of youze two looks kinda haughty and frightening but at the same time being aloof and attractive in the way that I now want to be your acolyte.

Your dog is very very very cute. Dirty rope fighting is a thing I was into at one time, but I've given it up now.

Pleased about the ristorante thang.

Nice wescot too. I just bought one, though sans sequins.

Keep it up, dudes.

Sheeeet! The secret security word is ikjloyouu = I kill you!!!!

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Oh yeah, Robert Redford. Weird that isn't it? When I lived in London I used to see people from the movies. First time you meet their eyes you think "hey I know you... where from?" and you expect them to know you too. But they don't. Funny.


doesnt robert look ancient nowadayz? i hope i dont end up looking that creeeeepy when im as ancient... great pics! like yer sequin vest as well.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Bethany, where you gone?

And when I say waistcoat, I mean what you say vest. I vest to me is a string thing worn by sweaty fat men in run down hotels. You say tomato, and I say tomato, and all that.