Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Walkin' Around

The view pictured above is about a ten minute walk from our house thanks to Old Fort Marcy Park. You walk up a huge incline to the park and end up with a great view of all three surrounding mountain ranges. The distant range in the pic above is the Ortiz. The park is totally surrounded by bazillion dollar homes but you can wander through on a trail for quite a way and it is really pretty. Rudy is nuts for it up there. I wish we could let him run off leash but there are potential problems with that. Mainly this... terrier + lots of rabbits + lots of cactus = major problems and possible large vet bills. So we keep him trapped on the lead in the interest of keeping cactus thorns out of his eyes, feet and belly.

This view is looking to the foothills of the Sangre de Christo Mountains and the neighborhood you see in the distance is where we used to live the last time we stayed here in Santa Fe.

Thank Gawd Spring is about to pop. After being laid up in bed for 9 days I am all hot and bothered to get outside as much as possible. In a few more weeks we should be rolling out with some seriously fine weather. For now I am thrilled with these 50 some degree days.

Another big event in my day today was a trip to Trader Joes. I went in there hungry. I bought everything. I bought stupid stuff. I bought huge bottles of fancy beer which I am mildly drunk on right now. This is a good thing. It's like a little recovery party from being sick. I also bought fresh flowers which is one of the perks of shopping at Joes. The flowers are cheap and it feels rich to bring them home and set them all about the house in jars and vases.

Back to the walk... here is a view of Billy on the rail of the walkway that leads up in to the park from town...

It's a great spot to watch a sunset from and see the lights of town after dark. I am really looking forward to sharing some photos with you all from our favorite hikes around Santa Fe once we get out in the good weather in the coming weeks.

That's it for today. Nothing riveting. I'll leave you with a colorful shot of some paper star lights in the window of a design shop downtown. It's one of my fave stores to poke around in.

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Michelle said...

I enjoy the paper stars