Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Little New Mexican Eye Candy

I grabbed some good photos yesterday up in Ojo Caliente where we went to go hiking and spend the afternoon at the mineral hot springs. It was a beautiful day if not a bit on the windy side. We hiked around and were in awe of the fabulous clouds which populated the sky all day. This first shot is of the Rio Chama River on the drive up to Ojo. How about that view? THIS is why I love New Mexico!!!

These next few shots are the hiking trail out behind the hot springs spa. I love the cloud shadows passing over the land and the fact that the actual clouds almost look fake. They look too cute to be real clouds.

This is a close up shot of some Indian pottery shards. They blanket the ground up there off the hiking trail. They are left behind from the Posi-Ouinge Pueblo Ruins.

This last shot is just a nice view looking up a dry river bed we walked along in for awhile.

OK. I am off to finish dinner. I just wanted to share these images. Have a lovely Tuesday evening people.


Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Makes me want to be in a Wild West movie, or at least visit. Makes me want to get a camera too. Makes me want a lot of things in fact. Keep it coming Bethany, keep it coming.

I am trying to puzzle out the significance of eating toast in the bathroom, but so far no joy.

rachael said...

i lived in new mexico for 2 years and i loved every minute of it. it is definitely a world all its own, and i still miss it. looks like a lovely day!