Monday, March 26, 2007

Sun Baked Noodle Head

It’s not what is on the dinner menu for meals on wheels… Sun Baked Noodle Heads. It’s what I was yesterday. The temperature here reached up close to 90. We went to the beach. It was good. The water is still mighty “crisp” but when it is 88 degrees crisp is just the quality you are looking for in your H20. Being that it was pretty intense sun and we are still sporting our winter white skin we only stayed for about two hours. That and the fact that around 1 o’clock exactly 1 million people showed up and set there beach towels down exactly 4 inches away from ours. That causes me to grind my teeth and hallucinate about pitchforks and fire so we packed up and left.

One thing of note from our time at the beach was the rescue we performed. Billy spotted a wee green tree frog jumping like he was trying out for the froggie Olympics down the length of the beach in front of us. He quickly caught him and after a careful inspection he was A. the cutest frog I had ever seen in my life and B. had no business whatsoever being out on the hot sand AND C. was in great danger of being found and made prisoner by any number of 5 year olds in the vicinity. He could and probably WOULD have suffered the most prolonged and unkind death that day if Billy had not clapped eyes on him. So I gathered him up and walked him waaay back into the swampy marsh area where I placed him in a shady nook. I swear…he gave a “Holy Crap lady! Thanks!” look before I walked away. I mean…just imagine! It would be like if you had lost your way and suddenly found yourself in say, the middle of the Sahara in the midst of a bunch of angry, rabid camels and a huge hand suddenly descended from the sky, picked you up and set you down in Maui at the Hilton, poolside, with a fancy drink being handed over the moment you arrived. Whew! Thanks man! That was a close one!

Not sure what the day will hold for us today. We are gearing up to leave here on Thursday so we need to start packing up and cleaning up. There is laundry to be done, etc. Nothing too glamorous on the menu I am afraid. Trailer living can't be all drama and intrigue you know.