Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birdie Goodness

Be sure to click the pic to see it larger... I was thrilled to capture this dude as he cruised over the pond we were walking around today. He's all back lit and glowy. Pretty snazzy.

Today was gooooood stuff. We started the day off with a honkin' big breakfast of Apple Cinnamon French Toast with Bananas. I made it with fresh whole grain bread and put a ton of cinnamon and some almond extract in the egg to give it more flava.

I spent half the day sketching out new ideas for paintings while Billy worked on an actual new painting which I will post here tomorrow. I attempted to paint outside but after ten minutes of being eaten alive I was retreating back indoors faster than you can say pecan pie.

We walked at a nearby park (no idea what it was called) and got a bunch of great photos. There were several really beautiful water birds in the park and I got some nice shots of them. The pic up top was my fave of the birds. I also love this pic of a massive thistle plant...

I have a lot more pics to post but it is late and we are off to lala land. I will set it all up on here tomorrow if we have time. It is packing to move day and we are also washing the trailer (on the outside) which is no small task. It is covered in pollen and has been for three weeks now. It ain't gonna be pretty.

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Michelle said...

Love the paintings! Also glad to hear you saved the frog's life. I'm sure the frog will be forever grateful.

I like the idea of the magic shoes. I would like your testimonial, but in writing is fine-photos are not necessary to prove the shoes are too legit to quit!