Friday, March 16, 2007

8 Mile

We are still alive...just barely. The internet has been down for three straight days here where we are staying and that alone is a near death experience for me...let alone gators and snakes. But thankfully it seems to be up and running again so I am back in the saddle here people.

We had another thrilling day today. We walked an amazing 8 miles at The Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge and saw what we think may have been a full on rabid raccoon, deer, more gators...even bigger than the last few and in much scarier settings this time. The raccoon was running straight for us in broad daylight...hopping sideways and tossing his head around like mad. It was a bit unnerving to say the least. But we managed to escape without any frothing mouth scenarios unfolding or having to behead anyone. It was about 5 miles back into the refuge when we encountered about an 8 foot gator laying at the edge of a pond. We saw each other at the exact same moment and he then slide into the pond heading in our direction disappearing under the thick pea soup surface of the water. It really is a surreal experience...for ME anyway to see something like that. I was freaked. I totally had a huge adrenaline rush...which of course is what happens to me now every time I encounter any kind of wild animal. This is all still a result of the wild pig episode from California. I am scarred for life.

Other than that Pinckney was a magical, beautiful place to visit...

You can always click on these pics to see a larger version of them as well you know. I am posting several more pics over on Flickr tonight too so check them out. Now I am off to catch the sunset!

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Anonymous said...

You kids be careful! We don't need to read in the headlines that 2 wandering souls got eaten alive by the local wildlife! You make me nervous! (Now that's the mom in me shining through! Two years ago I would have been all about these dangerous adventures!)