Monday, March 26, 2007

Bloggity Blog Blog Blog

Two, two TWO posts in one day! It was a big a weird, ambiguous sort of way. Nothing really happened, but we did lots of stuff.

The biggest news of the day is this.... MY MAGIC SHOES CAME. People... this is huge. I have been pining away for these shoes for over a year. My dear, dear Mother has gifted me my MBT's at long last. I am oh so very tempted to display 'before and after' photos of my rear end just to prove that these shoes are too legit to quit, but I will spare you the grisly reality of my current booty situation. I am now armed with my pedometer and my magic shoes and I am ready and willing to tackle the miles ahead on foot... leading to a moderately decent looking bottom line at the end of the road. Make sense? Or am I delirious and making no sense at all? It matters not... I know what I am doing. I am a pretend professional.

Other than that we have a few new paintings. I picked up my brushes for the first time in a couple of months and this is the result...

I worked from a photo from some place or another we have been in the past few years. I have a file of "good tree pictures" saved just for this purpose.

Billy has done a few new ones this week.

Both of his are from the Pinckney Refuge next door to where we are camped out. I love the moodiness of that first one.

Tonight we had a dinner worthy of a meals on wheels posting... Mesquite Grilled Tofu Steaks with Louisiana Cajun Hot Veggies and Wild Rice. Billy is on a hot sauce kick and has been buying up new ones to try out. This one was my fave so far. It's pretty hot but has a great flavor.

We are gearing up to hit the road in a few days and our next location has no internet so I may be MIA for about 5 days or so. If we can hunt down a coffee house with WIFI we will be all set...but otherwise we are deep in the woods and fighting for our very lives against the biting gnats of South Carolina.


Momo said...

A few random thoughts today:

you certainly deserve magic shoes for saving Mr.Froggie....they are a just reward

dinner looks tasty

I am all about your new painting.....I was sad when you laid the brush down and I see that you are revitalized!.....must be the shoes

I dig the guy on the hot sauce bottle......I am now considering "hot sauce bottle posing" as a future retirement option

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethany - I want to see a picture of the shoes please. Are they the ones that are in the bliss catalog? I thing I used to sell that hot sauce. Whats it called? Plus - wheres that picture of the jewlry u made. Travel safe!

Anonymous said...

Oh - and I loce your new painting!

Bethany said...

Bernadette....there is a link to the shoes within the text of the post. If you click the big brown text which reads "MY MAGIC SHOES CAME!" It'll take you to a pic of them. If this is not what you are asking for but really are looking for a pic of me wearing them.... well, I will see what I can conjure up for you. They are a bit goofy looking on. Sort of like big puffy, inflatible feet.

I have a pic of the most recent necklace...will post it soon. Thanks for the compliment on the new painting too! Miss you!