Monday, March 19, 2007

Mr. Bluebird on a Lamp Post

Pretty cute. We saw our first bluebird today and he was a very inquisitive little dude. I was able to get a few decent pics of him before he went on his merry way. I will post the other ones over on Flickr.

It was a genuinely gorgeous day if not a bit on the buggy side. Billy painted all day and I ran errands. Mostly made up errands. Nothing real or important. The errand running resulted in Muscat Gummies (one of our faves) and old school red speckleware mugs to drink our morning coffee in. I had never set foot into one of those World Market stores and it sort of blew my mind up going in there. I was tempted to buy things we definitely don't need or have room for.

Here is Billy's new painting which will be listed sometime tonight on eBay...

It's a view of Green Shell Cove which is just across Skull Creek (the marina where we are living for the moment.) The huge Live Oak tree featured is just on the edge of a tidal salt water marshland. At high tide the water would rise up nearly to the base of the tree and the grasses seen here would be nearly completely submerged. Live Oaks keep their foliage almost all year long. Around March they shed their leaves which are immediately replaced with new ones. They are fabulous, enormous trees and most all of them here are dripping with Spanish Moss. Billy caught this one with late afternoon, warm light on it. For anyone who has been viewing our Flickr pics too, this is the tree that had the voodoo amethyst crystal business going on in the sand underneath it. So as far as trees go...I think this one is a V.IP.

Today's Meals on Wheels installation will be verbal only... as we had left overs. But we did jazz it up with a fresh spinach, basil, tomato and mozz salad. I have found honest to goodness perfect, tasty tomatoes down here. Of course they cost like $5, but they have been worth it.

We had breakfast today at Signes Bakery again and bought a "Thunder and Lightening" pound cake to bring home. We probably did not really need to buy a WHOLE they are said to be enough to serve TWELVE people. We have not tried it yet but I will report back on how it is.... they do mail order on all their pound cakes. So if it is to die for...anyone can get in on the action.

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