Saturday, March 10, 2007

Billy Paints and Feel Free to Comment

The weather cleared up enough today for Billy to set up shop out on our patio. He is working on a marsh scene from mid island Hilton Head where we walked around yesterday. We nearly killed ourselves and each other getting the trailers awning opened up from the first time. Neither of us could remember how to do it. I finally found "the book" with instructions and we figured it out with out too many more harsh words or injuries.

Last night I baked brownies in the oven which was pretty exciting. It worked. The freezer keeps stuff frozen too. Really. It still blows my mind for some reason. It seems like if you are going to live in an aluminum tube outside somewhere it is just too much to ask to have real working appliances...and pretty much every modern convenience. It's all very exciting and will continue to be so for quite awhile I think.

My only real complaint so far is that we have returned to the land of million dollar groceries. Would you like a red pepper for $4? Or perhaps a 2 by 4 inch piece of cheese for $7? Oh well...we will most likely shed the Winter pounds we both packed on in no time due to forced food rationing and an angry metabolism. We DID have one of the best pizzas I have ever consumed in my entire life the other night at The Mellow Mushroom . When in the South East be sure to indulge. We had a Mega Veggie and it was too good...and I am really a pizza snob.

Oh...and by the way people... Remember those old Bugs Bunny cartoons where they are playing up on a stage to what they think is an attentive, excited audience and then when they finish up and go to take their bow all the actors hear is a distant, chirping, lonely cricket? Well...that is what I am feeling like here on our little blog. Is there anyone out there? Helloooooo? Please...feel free to comment, say HI...anything that strikes your fancy after reading a post. It's what we are here for! I would love to know who is reading and have a bit of communication back and forth. I have set the comments so anyone can get in there. You do not have to be a blogger member to be able to post. Thankee veddy mooosh.


Kenzie said...

What do ya know...I am the first to leave comment! How exciting is that? Read your blog everyday! I can't wait to find out what fun stuff you two crazies are up to!

Momo said...

Hooray for Kenzie for being the "commenting pioneer"!
Billy looks right at home under the awning. I will wistfully think of you as I pay $1.99 for that red/yellow/green stoplight package of peppers tomorrow at Woodmans!

Bethany said...

Thanks sense of purpose is renewed.