Friday, March 09, 2007

Hilton Head is Good.

This is a quickie post...I have limited internet time tonight. We are set up on Hilton Head and it is beautiful. This place has succeeded in creating an atmosphere of total mystery. Everything is hidden in deep woods or swampy looking, mystical forests...even places like KFC and Walmart are looking like they may house zombies and/or fairies out back. If that makes any sense at all to any of you I would be quite surprised.

We spent the day driving around the island trying to find secret-y places. We did find one super old cemetary and got some really cool shots at sunset. Billy will be painting some of the landscape we shot around the area starting tomorrow too. Here's my fave shot I took in the cemetary...

The sunset light was reflecting perfectly off an old headstone and it created that gold effect.

We are supposed to get rain for the next day or so...which will trap us indoors and force us to get some real work done. I will post painting pics as soon as we have any....

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