Sunday, March 18, 2007

Meals on Wheels

Hola readers... hope everyone had a lovely Sunday. It is Sunday right? We had a low key day... Billy set up here to paint, just outside the main entrance to the park looking out on Skull Creek.

He finished this one yesterday...

It's a view out over the salt water marshland at The Pinckney Refuge. The clouds were the stars of the show that day and that is what he tried to capture in this piece.

We met a new friend today...Mary from North Carolina. She is a fellow Airstreamer staying here on HHI for a few days. She has a little Chihuahua named Too Too that pretty much knocked me dead with cuteness. We visited for awhile and Too Too fell asleep in my lap. All 3.5 pounds of her. Good stuff.

I have decided to begin a running tab as ridiculous as it may get of our "Meals on Wheels." We thought it could develop into a pretty humorous situation considering some of the bizarro stuff we eat for dinner now and again. Tonight was actually a pretty fancy affair...French herb quinoa with fresh asparagus, yellow squash, peppers, mushrooms, onions and garlic. Oh...and some of our favorite Quorn brand fake chicken "meat." Tasty.

Bet you wish you had been over for dinner right? We even used real napkins instead of paper towels for the photo. You can be sure that sooner or later, probably before the week is out, we will be eating something which will be in uncharted territory. Wow...what a thrill to look forward to right? Suspense, drama, funny dinners and near death experiences are what we are all about.


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I don't even cook like that in my new huge, big kitchen! Looks good!
'Meals on Wheels' would be a good name for your cookbook!