Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eight is GRRREAT!

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes on our belated 8 year anniversary! I knew there was a reason why I shot this pic of the 8 on someones house in town the other day. We are so lucky to have such a great group of friends and family spread all over the map who support us from afar. Cheers everyone!

I spent the day today getting ready to start a new photo project that I will be working on over the next few weeks. I made buddies with a guy at the Mendocino Lumber Yard and got the supplies I needed to get everything rolling. If all goes well I will introduce you to my new craft in a week or so from now. I know... the suspense is too much right? I am venturing in to totally new territory here so we shall see... all results disastrous or successful will eventually be reported.

Other than that little bit of news it was a mellow day. Billy painted and I sanded wood out on the patio. Rudy played with Ranger the neighbor dog. We are still battling the tick problem although not as badly as I anticipated. He had two this week and they were both goners (done in by the Frontline) by the time we found them on him. I have been slowly introducing garlic powder into his food because it supposedly helps keep the suckers off him. It is probably nothing but an old wives tale but I am willing to smear him with rotten eggs if it will keep the ticks out of our hair. Pun intended.

Keeping up with our foodie chronicles... Tonight we had homemade polenta with asparagus, fire roasted tomatoes and freshly made walnut basil pesto. I made an eggplant chutney that we ate on the side. It is not pictured here because it's not the prettiest food item I have ever seen. But it tastes great. If you want to rock some eggplant I recommend getting some pomegranate molasses from Zingerman's. Just be warned that Zingerman's is a dangerous realm to enter in to if you like fancy food stuff. You have been warned. Anyway... add a little molasses to your eggplant saute and it really makes the stuff sing. I cooked a whole eggplant down in apple juice adding ginger syrup, the pom molasses, about a tablespoon of butter and a bit of cracked black pepper and the result is good enough to spread on bread like jam.

Now I am off to bake a pan of brownies. Good GRAVY! We can't be stopped! Well, you can calm down. These are low fat brownies.... and they come right out of a damned box. They are actually not too bad (fingers crossed behind my back.) You make them with low fat yogurt. We have both had a wicked craving for sick, fudgy chocolate brownies for a few days now. These are so far from being sick and fudgy... but they are going to have to do the job for now.

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