Thursday, March 26, 2009

Work Day

I thought I would throw a quick post up this morning before we head out the door for a day of work at the visitors center. It's a gray day (nothing new there) and we both slept like crap last night. Why? Because of our new Super Turbo Ass Whip 2000 Death Force Fan. That's why. See.... I can't sleep without a fan as white noise to drown out things like say ohhhhh, the sound of my own breathing. Our old fan had taken to making a flappy paper sound that was unacceptable. We took the damned thing apart, summoned a voodoo witch doctor to cure it, bribed it and even called it's Mother but alas, it was never going to stop making the flappity sound that was driving us nuts.

After confirming that a fan cannot be purchased at any retail outlet in the entirety of Mendocino County I turned to and ordered The Death Force Ass Whipper. It arrived yesterday and last night as we crawled in to bed we flipped it on with much anticipation of a great nights sleep lulled by the soothing hum of our spanky new black plastic fan. Dudes... we flipped that thing on and listen up YO. It was instantly like we were in a wind tunnel. We were like "Whaaa? Can this be? Holy CARP this thing is nuts!" We turned it down, we pointed it askew, we unplugged it and stifled it with pillows.... it roared.

I ended up moving it to the far front of the trailer and sealing it in a sound proof booth and after that (this was about 4 a.m. mind you after hours of struggling in the dark of night) we were finally able to get some shut eye.

So yeah, coffee beware! I consume you in quantity today! It's gonna be a long one. Hope you all have a better go of it than we probably will.


jani said...

hey, we need to have something like a fan too, so we have a sound machine thing from Bed,B&B...It was like 20$,and plays static, rain, ocean, its not too bad. Better than that, I use my ipod on a docking station,and have ocean waves that I downloaded from limewire,they play continuously for as long as you want.
good luck!

Bethany said...

Jani... we used to have one of those sound machines. For some reason a fan is the end all be all for me in this department. I found the sound machine too repetitive. If anyone ever wanted to put me right over the edge they could lock me in a room with the "heartbeat" sound and it would all be over in a matter of minutes.

We ended up moving the Darth Vader fan to the front of the trailer and it is far enough away from us now that we can sleep. Whew!

sybil said...

oh my god, that is a stitch. if you wanna "good nights sleep" get a 4 mo. old and the second the thing closes his eyes, you will pass out like a log for at least 5 minutes...