Monday, March 30, 2009

Missed it!

I just had the startling realization that Billy and I missed our anniversary. It was a week ago today. Damn. That means our one excuse for a fancy night out has come and gone. I can't believe I spaced it out?! I guess it is a sign that we are old hat. We have 8 years sealed up tight and have now officially embarked upon year nine.

I rounded up a few old photos of us from over the years... The digital date stamping on this first one is totally wrong... I have no idea who took the picture but I am guessing it may have been Michelle. I guess that because Michelle would never actually program her camera to have the right date on it. She might do it nowadays... but not back then.

It was taken on Martha's Vineyard in about 2002 at Billy's Dad's house in Vineyard Haven and it is one of my fave pics of us.

This one is from the shore of Lake Michigan (not that you can tell that about it) when we were camping in Michigan. The look on Billy's face speaks a thousand words... (about what a fool I am, I was holding the camera with my bare feet.)

Ahhh... the Dolly camping days! Pre-Airstream! This shot is from up in The Pecos Wilderness of New Mexico. Sorry it is so fuzzy... it is an old pic and was taken with a crappy old camera. We drove that van up to about ten thousand feet elevation in the mountains and camped that night in an area where poachers were hunting the woods near us. It was totally freaky. We barely slept that night! We are eating canned bean soup here... not dead cow which is what the spinal remains in the foreground may imply.

Another New Mexico shot from out at Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu. We love hiking out there. Just watch out for The Bubonic Plague (it's endemic there, for real.)

This is one of my favorite all time shots from way back. We both look A. Clean and B. Young. It's another Martha's Vineyard shot. We were at a fancy party that night.

Finally a pic from Crab Tree Falls in Virginia. This is pre-Rudy. I think we got him a few weeks later. So every pic after this has him wedged up between us or standing on someones face or something.

We have had so much fun in our eight years together. I look back through our photos (of which we have about 50,000) and I feel so lucky to have seen all the things we have seen and with someone who is so dear to me. People seem to marvel at the fact that we spend 24 hours a day together pretty much every day. I know it is not typical for most couples but honestly I don't think either of us ever even thinks about it. Well, Billy might be thinking about it right now. He may be thinking... "How can I clear this crazy fool outta my scene for a few hours?" But if he is it is well disguised. I am not on to him just yet.

Anyway... I just wanted to commemorate our late/missed anniversary. I had to do something! I love you Billy! Here's to the future! Woooo!


Momo said...

Happy Anniversary to the most spectacular couple that I know!
I have wondered many times who is the lucky one here.......I'm thinking that it all comes out pretty even and always good.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Here's to the next 50!

Pete said...


Been following your blog since I found it on the Airstream Life community. I can't believe that you used to own a VeeDub and now you full-time in an Airstream. I thought it was just us that would be crazy enough to ditch a VeeDub in favour of something else.

Please keep writing - it's inspirational.

Best wishes for year nine, and have that fancy night out anyway.


sybil said...

dude, forgetting your anniversary doesn't mean you're old hat. old hat is when you remember the exact day your previous life ended and now it is another year with the same ol' face. anyway, i like old hats. they are my favorite...happy number nine. i love you guys. and for the record, if i spent 24 hours a day crammed in a 25' tube with my family, i would shove an old hat straight down my throat!

Gordon Nicholds said...

Hey Buttonhead, congratulations! You and ole Half-a-Beer together for 8 years? Hardly seems possible, but I assume your math is correct?! You guys are the archetype, the alpha and omega, the king and queen of keepin' it real! Love ya like sunshine loves daisies...

Monica said...

Happy anniversary, Cuz! I can't believe you two have been together for 8 years already. Where does the time go? Here's to many, many more!

PS Love your photos. You're an awesome photographer with a great eye for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary!

Bethany said...

Thanks everyone! We love ya all!

Anonymous said...

And by 2014 or so Bethany decided it was time to move on. I guess spending 24/7 with someone isn't such a great idea after all. Would really be interesting to know why such a seemingly happy couple having so much fun could not make it work in the long run. Unless things weren't so great after all. Hmmm...but at the end of the day I never really thought they were a good match. Bethany is waaaaay to enchanting a goddess for such a dullard as Mclane. Whomever she ends up with will be one lucky hombre. Maybe it will be me. I can only dream ��