Friday, March 27, 2009

A Recipe for a Low Key Day Seasoned with Alien Puke

Lily's out on the headlands behind the Ford House Museum

Sometimes it is nice to pull off a day of absolutely nothing, right? Today was that day for me. I drove in to town and sat around catching up with a good friend over the phone... (Yo Sybil!) Then I came home and TOOK A NAP because all that talking on the phone had been so exhausting. My nap was not really a luxurious one because I had one small dog (I won't mention names but I think you all know who I mean) under the covers with me smelling strongly of pine sap and chewing on various parts of his body, snorting and huffing the entire time I was trying to rest. These are the moments when I think to myself... "This is a small furry animal that belongs outside in the wild, not in my 600 thread count organic cotton sheets."

After my "nap" we drove back into town and went out on the headlands and scrambled down on to one of the many secluded little beaches. This particular beach has a multitude of tumbled shards of mother of pearl (abalone) shell. Billy and I were totally engrossed in the project of finding neat pearly looking pieces to wow each other with when we realized that Rudy had found a way to cover up the previously mentioned pine sap smell on his body. I looked down the beach to see him writhing on his back and instinctively I started screaming "NO! LEAVE IT RUDY!" knowing that he had found something dead. I made my way down toward him only to find a huge hunk of dead octopus strewn out looking like some sort of alien puke on the rocks. GREAT! We pretty much had to go after that because the attraction between Rudy and the chunk of purple rotting carcass was similar to that of Joan Rivers and botox. He could not keep away from the shit.

Keeping with our current theme of rich French food Billy made a fabulous green goddess type Dijon mustardy, fresh herby, vinaigrette which we ate on faux chicken nuggets for dinner. How funny is that? He also made a fancy red skinned potato and dill salad. Later tonight I am planning to make Cardamom Rose Rice Pudding which I found on a favorite foodie blog... Baking and Books. I'll try to remember to let y'all know if it is worth busting out and making yourselves.

The cove beach where you can find abalone shells as seen from the cliffs above...

Rudy and I walking Point Cabrillo Headlands

Have a fabulous weekend peeps!

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