Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Waiting on the Food Network

Are you guys getting sick of all this food talk lately? Really... I want to know. We are pretty much feeling like we should just have our own Food Network show at this point. We need a food stylist and a few more accoutrements and we would be all set to roll camera.

I mentioned awhile back that we have been getting a helluva lotta use out of our Flavor Bible. Billy actually sits around pairing stuff up to see what it will taste like. The other night we were eating apples at like ten o'clock at night and he pulls out The Bible and the next thing I know we are eating apple slices with black pepper and parsley on them. Then out came the prunes and Billy's wheels were really turnin'. The end result is that tonight we had ravioli for dinner stuffed with apples, prunes, Point Reyes Blue Cheese and black pepper. We made a simple brown butter sauce to go over the ravioli and finished it with fresh parsley, walnuts and some of the excess filling on top. We had to work at the Ford House today so nobody was going to screw around with trying to make fresh pasta for the ravioli tonight. We used store bought wonton wrappers instead and they work great. There are instructions right on the back of the wonton packaging if you want to try this yourself. It's way easy. The ravioli was fantastic.

There was another thing we had been wanting to try out of the latest Food and Wine magazine which was Roasted Radishes and Radish Greens. So we made that tonight to go with the pasta. They were great, really unusual... but we screwed up and started them too early and then they sat around for too long before we plated up our dinners. They looked a bit wilty by the time we got to eat them. I would recommend trying the recipe though for sure. This is where the food stylist I mentioned up above comes in... because this is not the prettiest food photo I have ever taken. It is more of a "proof that I am not making all of this up" photo. The radishes look downright sad here but they don't mean it, they tasted quite happy!

It was a sloooow day at the State Park visitor's center today. I am guessing that it will all take a turn and get busy in a few more weeks though. We continue to meet some really interesting people each day we work. Today there was a young couple from Berlin who are traveling through California for about three weeks and we made a long list for them of places to eat and things to see all the way from here down to Santa Barbara. They are going to have a great trip. I was jealous! I could use a few days in the Santa Barbara sunshine!

I am totally wiped out tonight. Who knows why. I am signing off and heading to bed really early.

Here's Billy's latest. This one is pretty much made up out of his own head... not of any one place in particular. It could be a million spots in California right now at this very time of the year...


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes.... Video Blog!!! Have you ever seen the RV Cooking Show Web site? ( It's good stuff but your creations are ART! I would get into video bloging! Shoot Billy creating his dishes in the Airstream, have a few paintings in the background (a little advertising for his website?)

We love checking out your blog and have been following you for over a year now. Great Stuff...

Brad & Lisa

Bethany said...

Hi Brad and Lisa! Ohhh, I bet it is nice and WARM in Texas right now. Any Blue Bonnets this year?

I love the idea of video blogging... but I am afraid it would be more of a comedy show than a cooking show in here with us! The camera would have to be either mounted on the ceiling or like a helmet cam or something.

I am going to check out that RV cooking show site right now... Thanks for telling me about it!