Saturday, March 14, 2009


We MADE IT! We arrived in Mendocino yesterday and it is so much more fantastic than we even hoped for. The landscape is truly breathtaking. We drove in on Hwy 128 which is a two lane winding road through wine country. It was a gorgeous drive except for the fact that I had to let Rudy stand on my lap with his head out the window the entire way so he would not get car sick. The pic above is of the Ford House Museum where we will be working while we are here.

We got here late afternoon and started setting up camp. Our site is very cool.... secluded in the woods and we have great neighbors (the people we will be working with.) Everyone we have met so far has been extraordinarily kind. With a little TLC this campsite will be very homey.

We even have another Airstreamer next door to us. I love that we have the wooden platform out front so that when it rains we are not dragging so much mud in.

Yesterday we walked around the headlands park which surrounds the village of Mendocino. You can get down to the beach in a few spots. There is so much cool driftwood on the beach here... it comes down out of the mouth of The Big River with big storms. I snapped this shot of a piece of wood I thought looked like a seal...

The view of town from out on the headlands is really about as quaint as it could be.

Today we settled in a bit more and got set up with a P.O. Box in town and stuff. We drove up to Fort Bragg and took a peek at that town. It is decent sized and will take a full day or two to explore. One the way home we stopped off at The Point Cabrillo Lighthouse which is my new favorite place to take a walk. It is just incredible out there. You can spot gray whales out off shore, deer are roaming the grasslands, the trees are windswept and the lighthouse is the coolest one I have seen yet in my life.

I nearly peed my pants when I grabbed that shot above... only camera dorks will truly understand.

Since I am on a really iffy internet connection right now I am going to keep this post short. I will add more details and pics tomorrow when I get on a more secure connection. I just wanted to get this up for anyone following the blog who wanted an update! All is well and we are having a great time here so far. I think this is going to be an amazing place to live.

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