Friday, February 01, 2008

Pickles and Cheese Please

Yesterday was a more relaxed and social day here at the new pad. Billy and I left the house early to run errands.... we signed Rudy up for doggie manners classes (which begin next week thank you Jesus) and to get some grocery shopping done. We did our shopping at Trader Joe's which is always a dangerous place for us when we have not been there in awhile. Our cart was overflowing with items that we would NEVER normally buy under any circumstances at any other grocery store. Things like bottles of Kahluha and frozen bags of Cioppino Stew. We have enough food here now to host an episode of Iron Chef so it will be a very inspired epicurean week in our kitchen.

Yesterday afternoon Chelle came over for me to give her lessons on how to crochet. So we planted ourselves on the giant sack sofa and set to work on endlessly stitching chains of yarn. It started out kind of tense and confusing and maybe a tad bit disappointing. And then.... click! She got it. She then announced that she would never be able to stop. Never. It's all she was looking for in life... to be able to repeatedly loop yarn around a hook for hours and hours on end. We now have plans to crochet a cozy for every item in the house. Bicycle cozy, toilet cozy... everything must be cozy. In the middle of all this mad crocheting Billy offered up his services as a chef and server. He yelled from the kitchen "Do you want a sandwich?" And I yelled "What kind?" He said "Pickles and cheese." And I asked "With lots of mayonnaise?" And he said "Yes." So of course I accepted. Pickles and cheese with lots of mayonnaise is one of the worlds best sandwiches. Especially when served on a paper towel. Behold it's goodness.......

Last night we had Chelle and Casey (her boyfriend) over to watch 3:10 to Yuma on our big movie projection wall. It was our first official having company over to do stuff night. We ordered in pizza and crowded on to the sacky chairs to watch the movie. I have to say that flick was a bit too sentimental for a western for me. Although I did like the scene where a bad guy blazed through a town on horseback screaming "This towns gonna BURN!" We decided that maybe I should start doing stuff like that down on the plaza here. Get dressed up like a nut and wander around screaming out threatening things like that. I don't have a horse but maybe I could just ride my bike around in circles. The tourists would love it. It would be much more fun than the part time job I have been trying to get.

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Momo said...

I hope that you wear your big furry hat when you do that.
Don't call me when you get arrested for acting like that on the plaza. On a brighter note we can always hope that pickle and cheese sandwiches are on the jail menu. Strangely I feel that it could be possible.