Sunday, February 10, 2008

Work It!!!!

Hey Y'All!

I have to say that Paula Dean has all but ruined the fun of saying "Hey Y'all" for me. She says it in such a forced creepy way. Shush Paula... you ruin it for the rest of us.

Anyway. We have fun big news! Beginning in March we will be conducting oil painting workshops here in our home in Santa Fe. Well, BILLY will be conducting the workshops and I will be the hostess with the mostess serving up tea and cakes and neat crap like that.

The first workshop will last over the course of two Saturdays (the 8th and the 15th) in four hour sessions and will be a beginner level class on completing an oil landscape painting from a photograph. We will also be putting together intermediate level classes and when the weather turns warm we will have some outdoor plein air workshops as well. For the workshops here at the home studio we are limiting the class size to just 4 folks per session. We don't have room for much more than that and we like the idea of being able to really give a lot of individualized attention to each participant. The plein air classes will allow for at least 15 per class which will be fun.

So if you live in Santa Fe or are planning to visit or you need an excuse to visit.... here you have it. I have put together a page on our website detailing out the first workshop. You can click through to it HERE.

My other big news is that I am ditching the part time job search. It just plain sucks too much for me to march any further down that path. I am refocusing my efforts on other personal projects and hopefully they will be a success. Hey... it is the Year of the Rat on the Chinese calendar and guess what? I am a rat. How can I be stopped? This is my year baby. I am going to let my ratty side shine.


Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Sounds all good.

I wish I could come to your workshop, but I have some problems. I am a) broke b) talentless c) 6000 miles away or thereabouts.

Can crap be neat? Come to think of it maybe. I knew a man who could do it very neatly on a large cookie, but that's another story.

Yeah f*** the part time job search. Those jobs will mush your brain and squeeze your soul so it fits into a shabby little plastic box

Bethany said...

If you were able to attend we could do a trade instead of you paying for the classes. Kebabs perhaps? You supply the kebabs and we will teach you to paint. It does not matter if you lack talent. Let your spirit guide you my friend. The painting will then flow freely from within.