Thursday, February 14, 2008

Big Boy

Today was Rudy's birthday. He is now a whopping one year old. It was all at once a happy yet sad celebration (can a celebration be sad?) As he sails into the age of oneness we waved goodbye to the days of him being a big, fat, dog baby. Actually.... I am pretty sure he will continue on being a big, fat, spoiled, dog baby. But it is nice to pretend for a minute that those days are now behind us.

If we can get through the rest of the night without dealing with dog puke or the sudden onset of adult dog diabetes the day will be a success. A lot of treats were consumed here today. Here he is looking grumpy with his cake sent to him by his Grandma.

Sometimes the wrapping is even more fun than the gift. As seen here...

The cake was initially well received. It was an apple and carrot cake with apple cider icing by the way.

The cake of course could not be wholly consumed on a plate. It was soon moved to a more convenient location.

Soon after this the cake became troublesome. We moved in to the comfort of the kitchen on the chicken rug. It was time to contemplate this slice of cake. "Should I really be eating all of it?" This seemed to be what the birthday boy was asking himself.

He looked to Billy for advice. One should never ask Billy for advice when it comes to eating slices of cake. Rudy was all... "Dude... I don't think I can finish it." And Billy was all... "Be a man. Eat the cake."

Rudy tried. He put forth a valiant effort for a mere one year old. But in the end the cake won.

Let this be a lesson to us all. The moral of the story is... Sometimes it is best to just leave half a piece of cake on the floor. You will feel better about yourself in the morning.


Michelle said...

Rudy's the best...I love how he makes a cake eating session turn into a dilemma for the whole family to enjoy!

Groover said...

Happy Birthday, Rudy. So you are an Aquarius, too. That explains why you are so extremely good looking, intelligent and naturally gifted. :-)

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

I thought you said there would be prostitutes? Dog prostitutes obviously. What do they wear - little leather get ups that show off their dog butts? But then he is too young. He's only 7 in human years.

Bethany said...

Yeah.... we gave over on the idea of the dog prostitutes. We did not want to end up with a bunch of those animal cops people breaking down our door at midnight to arrest all of us on Rudy's big night. So we just fed him loads of succulent chicken thighs instead. It all seemed to work out in the end.