Wednesday, January 30, 2008


These are the days of crunchy cold dog walks. Since I try to get Rudy out twice a day for at least a mile or two long walk it seems like the cold is ruling my world. Our new house is toasty warm so it is a pleasure to return to after a walk but at least twice a day I have a good long session of frozen face. Today we got a light dusting of snow and it always makes town so much prettier.

These shots were taken on the plaza in late afternoon light. The light in Santa Fe is my favorite. The way it warms up an adobe wall against the blue sky and the way the trees seem to glow with it. This is a really quiet time of the year to wander downtown. The plaza is nearly deserted on on a day like this.

Once Spring and Summer hit there is barely a quiet moment to be had down there unless you head down before 8 a.m. But that is the fun of living downtown. There will be art fairs and festivals pretty much every single weekend come July.

I have been trying to land a little part time job for our time here. What a stupid, frustrating and degrading experience that is. People really do get some weird ideas about how to conduct an interview and my absolute favorite thing is when they hand you one of the ridiculous applications that asks you things like where did you go to elementary school. Because who I was as a person in the second grade obviously should have great bearing on whether or not they hire me now at age 35. I have also been asked repeatedly for a resume. People.... nobody wants to see or would understand any kind of resume I could put together. It would be like trying to solve the DaVinci Code to make any sense of it. So I will continue my search for the right niche to work in to. This is a goofy time of year here to try to find work here anyway. There is a whole lot of nothin' goin' on. If anyone reading this has an interesting business within one mile of the plaza, is not crazy or bitchy, wants to pay me a fabulous wage, needs a competent worker for 20 hours a week and does not care how I performed in 4th grade gym class... feel free to call me up. I'm yours.

I'll leave you with a shot of the Museum of Fine Art in the warm 4:30 sunlight. I love the way the adobe looks like suede or even velvet. I still need to get pics of the house that don't look like we are just squatting here to keep out of the cold. I'll post once I have some good ones.


Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Lovely photographs, particularly the last one. I would give you a job but I don't fit any of your criteria (particularly being within 1 mile (was it?) of the plaza, but also about not being crazy I think)

Thing with resumes, is that you got to sell the thing they is buying. Make yourself sound boring so they aren't intimidated. If they are really very interested in what you were doing in 4th grade gym, perhaps consider calling the police.

Anyway, always a pleasure to read your stuff.



Michelle said...

You should be happy to know that we have those dumb ass applications at the restaurant. I love them because it's a great way to see spelling errors but that's about it!

Good luck on the job thing...maybe you could be a dog walker. I'm sure there are many dog owners that hate walking in the snow getting a frozen face. Rudy could be on your fliers. I would hire you...

Also, I drank Saki tonight with my bro in law (Tudo) and by the third shot I toasted him but called him Tootis...hmmm