Saturday, February 16, 2008

And Somehow It Got Even Better

Just when you thought Rudy's birthday had been fun.... something happened to smash yesterday's fun to squalid, embarrassing bits. Yesterday we had dog cake and all that, but today..... today the real action hit the scene.

We had a delayed birthday dinner party for Rudy tonight and no... we did not have Siegfried and Roy as dinner guests... but we did have Michelle and Casey over and they were the ones who delivered unto Rudy this majestic gift of a Tiger. A Tiger which got it's ass kicked all night long. A Tiger whose days of having a recognizable face are now numbered. Whose guts will soon be spilled on our living room floor.

At first there were tender moments.....

But those moments did not last long. It was all out domination, humping and beatings for the poor old cat for the rest of the night. Except for the two minute break he took to eat a slice of his birthday cake around 7:30. He knows how to party. Please note that Billy is not possessed by the devil as seen below... I tried to fix his red eye in photoshop and I may as well have added goat horns and flames around his head at the same time to finish off the fine job I did.

One more notable item of the night was this...

After drinking several bottles of wine Michelle serenaded us on her new sparkling blue accordion. She plays beautifully and it was a true joy to listen. But wait.... actually she has no idea how to play at all and that is our neighbor's accordion that Billy has borrowed so he can learn how to play. Michelle only held on to it long enough to make it squeak and I took her picture. But really... how much more fun is it even legal to have? Tigers, accordions and Billy all in one room on a Friday night? Pure magic.


Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

I am pleased that Rudy's birthday lasted over a couple of days. I think one day is too short for such an important event. For some reason my browser is refusing to download your pictures, so I am going to have to fix this so that I can see the tiger before it all gets out of hand.

Being possessed by the devil is no joke by the way. It happened to an old deaf lady I knew and it caused her some problems I can tell you. So I am relieved that Billy is not possessed in this way.

I had a neighbour once who played the accordion when I was a little boy. I don't think that's why he played it though. He's dead now. But I have no evidence that's connected with the accordion playing so I encourage Billy in his learning.

I look forward to popping in and seeing the pictures.

My comiserations to the tiger.

Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

By the way, whatever that time signature is telling you, I did not write that at 5:34 am.

And don't try and explain about time zones to me. As far as I'm concerned it's witchcraft. Either that or a plot by the Microsoft Corporation.

Some of these security words you have to enter are cool. The last one was Yadoh! and this one is Sbodaeh!!!

Bethany said...

I should tell you that we experience some time oddities here in New Mexico. We are pretty sure it is because we are in such close proximity to this giant magnet they have out at Los Alamos. They are up to no good out there. And I think they have the ability to bend time at their whim. So.... this is probably why your post says 5:34 am and it is not at all because you are on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes three or four days at a time just go missing for us and when we suddenly realize it we just look at each other in a knowing way and say "The magnet!" Or sometimes we will even say... "Yadoh!"

Michelle said...

the tiger is hilarious!

bindhiya said...

Hi Bethany,
Beautiful pictures!
belated Happy birthday to Rudy..
take care

Nabeel said...

we had the same tiger at our house. It was so cool .. and I am surprised how many people have this stuffed tiger.