Monday, February 11, 2008

Freeform Bureaucratic Haiku

License was expired
Broken arrow was big problem
But miracles do happen!

Bullshit bullshit bullshit
Huge cell phone bill
None of it mattered anyway!

Expired date on ID!
What is broken arrow?
I Love You MVD Express.

Yeah. So those of you who know about my broken arrow, expired license situation can all breath a long, hearty sigh of relief along with me tonight. Today Michelle and I went to the MVD Express. It is not a state run entity. It is actually holy entity as far as I am concerned. They gave me a license. No questions asked. No written test. No broken arrow. No problemo. It took like ten minutes. Thank you Francine (she is the woman who helped me.) I am good until 2015 people. The only poor result of the whole experience is that I look like an exuberant folk singer who has a swollen face from being on prednisone for three months after a banjo injury in my license photo. I don't know who the woman in that photo is? Surely I am not walking about looking like her. I will try to get a shot of it and post it on here tomorrow. It's the weirdest license pic I have ever had. But guess what? I don't care in the least. I am legal again. I can DRIVE. I have not been behind the wheel in like a month. Tomorrow I am going to drive around. All day. And wave at people and maybe even throw candy out the window of the truck at pedestrians.


Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

I don't mean to be critical Bethany, but that is not strictly a haiku.

Neither is this:

Bethany drives again - woosh!
The wheel moves
Snow drifts across a street
Santa Fe applauds.

Not sure if it should be whoosh by the way.

Bethany said...

Today we are supposed to get a big snow storm. I am going to wait until conditions are very treacherous and then I am going to go out and drive around. Because I can. It is not illegal in the Untied States to be an idiot. In fact... it is encouraged. So is improper Haiku.