Thursday, February 07, 2008

Frozen Brain

I know I need to write a post. Here I am trying.... but it's not easy. My brain is frozen and tired. I am really, really over this cold weather. Especially since we wrote in blood last winter that we would never, ever do a cold winter somewhere again. And now here we are freezing our asses off once again. Sigh. Sooner or later we will just have to give in and move back to Hawaii. It's the only answer. But it's also impossible for the time being. So there you have it.

I am still searching for a job. I did give in and I typed up a resume so that I would not have to deal with filling out goofy applications anymore. This town is weirdly hung up on formalities such as resumes and paperwork and such considering it's uber laid back attitude about everything else. I mean... I think if I went for a job at The Cinnabon at the mall they would actually ask me for a resume there as well. It's bizarre. Or maybe I am bizarre. And lost in a time warped illusion in my own mind. That is more likely the answer.

OK. This is all you get from me on this day. I suck. But again... it's the frozen brain. Once we get up above 50 degrees for a few days I promise my posting will change your life. It will be riveting to read. You will ponder the mystery that is my life for hours at a time and you will tell all your friends about me because everything I will be telling you will light your mind on fire. And if it does not turn out that way 100% of the time... we can always fall back on funny pictures of the dog.

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Desperate Middle Aged Man said...

Truly great photographs. I really like the new header photograph too by the way. I wish I had something reassuring to say about the cold and job front. It will pass...

Keep as warm as you can